My name is Braeden Mannering and I recently turned 13-years-old. I am on the National Junior Honor Society at Gauger-Cobbs Middle School in Newark, Delaware. My hobbies include playing Overwatch, Minecraft, recording YouTube videos with my friends and hanging outside with my scooter or skateboard. I also really like to play the drums.


I think that I am a doer because when I was 9-years-old I saw a homeless man on the street and I decided I could be someone who helped him. When my Mom drove me home that day I packed up a bag of food and asked her to drive me back to where we saw the man. I have given out over 8,000 bags of food since then and I created my own nonprofit which is called 3B Brae's Brown Bags. The mission of 3B is to increase access of healthy food to homeless and low-income populations. Over the last year I created a secondary program called 3B Ripples. These are student chapters of 3B which allow kids in schools or at clubs like the Boys & Girls Club to form their own 3B group so they can pack bags for their community. When they apply to be a 3B Ripple my Mom helps me schedule time to go talk to the students. I tell them about food insecurity and nutritional insecurity. I tell them that hunger is a problem we can fix and that they can be part of the solution. This April I am co-hosting a hunger conference with the Food Bank of Delaware. When I came up with the idea and began working with the Food Bank I just really wanted kids to have a platform to be changemakers. This will be the 2nd conference to include kids and we hope to have at least 125 students attend, of all ages and all across the state of Delaware. Some day I hope the conference can become a regional or even national thing because I know there are a lot of dreamers out there who have big hearts and want to help. I believe together we can dream bigger and we can change the world.

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