Step up and help prevent wrongful deportations

10 steps provided by ASAP

Support and get involved in local immigrant-led grassroots organizations. These organizations often run on the efforts of volunteers who can provide support in a wide range of ways including translating and helping plan upcoming local actions.

Show up for immigrant families by attending local actions aimed at stopping the deportation of individuals and families. Invite your family and friends to come with you, too!

Raise money to support immigrant bail funds, which help pay bonds for detained immigrants so they can be released to fight their cases. 

Raise money to support organizations that provide legal support to immigrants in deportation proceedings. 

Use social media to educate your friends and family and rally their support for policy changes and initiatives aimed at protecting immigrant communities.

Learn about broader advocacy efforts to stop deportations, including efforts to abolish ICE and declare local cities and states a sanctuary for immigrants.

Engage your elected representatives and push them to support broader policy efforts that will protect immigrant communities and stop wrongful deportations.

Learn the history of the U.S. immigration system and its long-standing legacy of wrongfully deporting immigrants and separating families.

Provide accompaniment to ICE check-ins, if your local organization organizes accompaniment. Many individuals who have a pending immigration case are required to routinely visit a local ICE office, which for most is a deep source of anxiety and fear. 

Canvass for political candidates in local and national elections who support humane immigration policies in upcoming elections.