The Founder of Graciella Foundation is 24 year old Nigerian, Grace Anuforo. She is a Human Physiology Graduate from Nigeria's Premier University, the University of Ibadan with a Masters degree in Public Health in view. She started out by organising Girl Child shows and mentorship. She is also a School Administrator and Media Consultant

GRACIELLA FOUNDATION is a foundation for the Girl Child. It consists of a core activity called GRACIELLA PERSONALITY SHOW.


Graciella Personality Show is an initiative of Graciella Foundation (For the Girl Child), is popularly known as GPS and coordinated by a team known as #TeamGPS.

TeamGPS consists of Girl Child Advocates who are Public Health Professionals, a Midwife, CEOs, Public Speakers, a Therapist, a Health Educator, Team Leaders, Graphics designers, a Cinematographer and a couple of other Skilled Professionals....

Graciella Personality Show intends to: GIVE the GIRL a VOICE.


It touches GirlLove, GirlSupport, GirlEsteem, GirlEmpowerment, GirlUnity, GirlHealth and GirlSecurity.

GPS has a longterm vision to own an expanse of land where there will be several hostels and a large school. The hostels and school will be for girls who are victims of the circumstances #TeamGPS is fighting. A girl who is sexually abused, but can't leave home because the sexual abuser is her dad or uncle will be taken into our shelter. A girl who is denied the rights to education because of her gender, will be offered free education at our school. These and more are what Graciella Foundation Team will be offering.

Looking to connect with...

Presently, Team GPS is on the lookout for partnership and network with funders for bright girls who are less privileged. We also need volunteers. We want to go on air to fight abuse against girls and establish a relationship with organisations that we can report abusers to, that will take it up, and also offer assistance to the abused girls. We are looking for organisation that will empower girls and make them independent. We are also on the lookout for organisations that can grace our girl child show coming up in 2017 somewhere in Nigeria. Cancer awareness organisations, HIV/AIDS awareness organisations, Walk against Rape Organisations, Health Organisations and a whole lot of them. We would like to connect with you and together fight those threats against the Girl Child.


Also, we donate text books to poor girls and girls who have been denied education in Africa because of their gender. We pick a few of these girls who are bright and give them text books (old or new) so they can use them to prepare and merit scholarships from Funders be it Individuals or Non Governmental Organizations.

How to connect...

*WHATSAPP: +2347069609474


*Phone Number: +2347069609474