Our team consists of high school and college students throughout the country. We aspire to be the next generation of founders, innovators, philanthropists, changemakers, and leaders. We offer the chance to be part of a passionate team that is focused on creating meaningful content while building your professional skills.  


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Name: Seri Roth

Age: 23

College/University: Boston University 

Favorite book: Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

Advice I wish I had 5 years ago: No matter how much one plans, nothing will ever goes as planned.

So plan accordingly ;)

Founder & Editor​-in-Chief

Allie DiGennaro

Name: Allie DiGennaro
Age: 21
College/ University: Emerson College
Major: Publishing 
Favorite TV Show: Gilmore Girls 
I can't start my day until: I've checked my calendar 
Steps up for: Education & Mental Health

Managing Editor

Isabel Litterst

Name: Isabel Litterst

Age: 19

College/ University: Boston College

Major: International Studies and Journalism Minor

Favorite TV show: The Americans

Advice I wish I had 5 years ago: Your journey will not all be easy, but it will be worth it 

Steps up for: Women’s Rights


Anne-Caroline Aries-Praud

Name: Anne-Caroline Aries-Praud

Age: 18

College/ University: University of Virginia

Major: Politics

Favorite podcast: Crime Junkie

Advice I wish I had 5 years ago: Stop trying to impress those who don't impress you

Steps up for: Criminal justice reform


Gethin Binns

Name: Gethin Binns

Age: 19

University: University of Edinburgh

Major: Law and Politics

Favorite Book: The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

I can't start my day until: I have lain in bed impotently for twenty minutes

Steps up for: Peace


Pradnya Desai

Name: Pradnya Desai

Age: 18 years 

University: New Jersey Institute of Technology

Major: Computer Science

Favorite Book: Reckless, by Cornelia Funke

Advice I wish I had 5 years ago: The most essential part of a plan is knowing that it might not go according to plan

Steps up for: Women in Tech


Evan Kielmeyer

Name: Evan Kielmeyer

Age: 21

College/ University: Boston College  

Major: Communication & History

Favorite Movie: Blade Runner 2049

Success is: Making yourself happy

Steps up for: Proper representation in film  


Caroline Smith

Name: Caroline Smith

Age: 20 years old

College/University: Boston University

Major: Journalism major, Psychology minor

Success is: Figuring out what you love and making a living out of it


Name: Victoria Giardina
Age: 18
College/ University: College of New Jersey 
Major: Journalism and Professional Writing
Favorite movie: The Greatest Showman
You'll never see me without: My planner

Steps up for: Leadership and creative storytelling


Erin Lyons

Name: Erin Lyons

Age: 19

College/University: Bates College

Major: English, with a minor in Anthropology

Favorite TV Show: Brooklyn 99

Advice I wish I had 5 years ago: Get some more sleep! And never stop reading for fun

Steps up for: Giving everyone a voice, especially those too frequently denied one


Monica Petrucci

Name: Monica Petrucci

Age: 21

College/ University: Emerson College

Major: Publishing 

Favorite TV show: New Girl

I can't start my day until: I've had at least one cup of coffee  

Steps up for: I step up for equality and knowledge


Danna Gonzalez

Name: Danna Gonzalez

Age: 22

College/ University: Southern New Hampshire University

Major: Associate of Arts; Specialization in Business

Favorite movie: Dazed and Confused

Advice I wish I had 5 years ago: START NOW

Steps up for: Equality


Grace Johnston

Name: Grace Johnston

Age: 19

College/ University: Temple University

Major: Geography & Urban Studies

Favorite TV Show: Burn Notice

Advice I wish I had 5 years ago: Work smart, not hard

Steps up for: Environmental sustainability 



Emma Newbery

Name: Emma Newbery

Age: 22

College/ University: Bowdoin College

Major: Religion, Anthropology (minor)

Favorite podcast: The Whitest Cube

You'll never see me without: headphones

Steps up for: Mental Health Awareness


Amanda Woodman

Name: Amanda Woodman

Age: 29

College/ University: University of Massachusetts Lowell

Major: English

Favorite TV show: American Ninja Warrior

In 5 years, find me: Running obstacle course races and my first marathon 

Steps up for: The right for women to show off their physical and mental strengths without the negative connotation of being “manly.” 



Aidan Largey

Name: Aidan Largey
Age: 20
College/University: College of the Holy Cross
Major: Classics
Favorite TV show: Game of Thrones
In 5 years, find me: Being Anthony Bourdain 2.0 and traveling the world!
Steps up for: The environment, human rights, and equality


Tatiana Díaz de León

Name: Tatiana Díaz de León

Age: 20

College/University: University of California, San Diego

Major: Communications and Sociocultural Anthropology 

Favorite Movie: Mona Lisa Smiles

Success is: Avoiding comparison and being content with your best effort. 

Steps up for: Fierce love


Kevin Reynolds

Name: Kevin Reynolds

Age: 20

College/University: McGill University

Major: English Literature & Political Science

Favorite Movie: The Big Lebowski

In 5 years, find me: Living somewhere warm


Catherine Bart

Name: Catherine Bart

Age: 21

College/ University: University of Rhode Island

Major: Journalism

Favorite Book: A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

Advice I wish I had 5 years ago: Don't be afraid to reach out to people for help

Steps up for: Telling other people's stories through my writing


Marisa DelFarno

Name: Marisa DelFarno
Age: 22
College/ University: Providence College
Major: English
Favorite TV show: Black Mirror
You'll never see me without: A cup of coffee.
Steps up for: Equality


Enrique Antonio B. Tensuan

Name: Enrique Antonio B. Tensuan

Age: 28

College/ University: Boston College

Major: Communications

In 5 years, find me: Copywriting​

Steps up for: Peace


Kate Kerby

Name: Kate Kerby
Age: 27
College/University: Southern New Hampshire University
Major: Creative Writing with a concentration on Fiction
Favorite TV Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Advice I wish I had 5 years ago: You will never make everyone happy; make yourself happy, and everything else will eventually fall into place
Steps up for: LGBTQIA Equality


Faith Denny

Name: Faith Denny

Age: 23

College/ University: UC Davis graduate

Major: English

Favorite podcast: Critical Role

You'll never see me without: A notebook

Steps up for: Autism acceptance


Vanessa Allen

Name: Vanessa Allen

Age: 20

College/University: Emerson College

Major: Publishing and Writing MA

Favorite book: Stephen King's The Shining

You'll never see me without: A notebook and a pen

Steps up for: Deconstructing bigoted narratives in the media and boosting the voices of less privileged creators


Name: Linda

Age: 24

College/University: Southern New Hampshire University

Major: Marketing with a concentration in Social Media

Favorite TV show: Fuller House 

In 5 years find me: Living in my dream city, New York City, with a marketing career in the fashion industry

Steps up for: Women empowerment & body positivity

Social Media Manager

Allison McGee

Name: Allison McGee
Age: 20
College: Seton Hall University
Major: Graphic Design and Advertising 
Favorite Podcast: Gals on the Go 
Success is: A goal and a journey. It is something we all strive for and that makes us happy. 
Steps up for: Mental health 

Social Media Contributor

Gabriela Romero Gonzalez

Name: Gabriela Romero Gonzalez

Age: 21

College/ University: Tufts University 

Majors: Child Development, and Education

Favorite TV Shows: Grownish, On My Block, The Umbrella Academy

In 5 years find me: Taking risks, making moves, and working towards my goals and passions

Steps up for: Representation of marginalized voices in the media and authentic storytelling.


Chase Reynolds

Name: Chase Reynolds

Age: 20

College/University: University of Rhode Island

Major: Marketing, Minor: Public Relations

Favorite Movie: 10 Things I Hate About You

In 5 years, find me: Working in New York City, when I'm not traveling around the world for my job

Steps up for: I step up for political, social, and economic equality. 


Rina Dale

Name: Rina Dale

Age: 19

College/University: Skidmore College

Major: Political Science, with minors in Sociology and Intergroup Relations

You'll never see me without: My Nalgene water bottle

Steps up for: Bodily autonomy for all


Kimberly Updike

Name: Kimberly Updike

Age: 22

College/ University: Penn State University, University Park

Major: Film/Video & French Minor

Favorite Movie: Catch Me if You Can

In 5 years find me: Exploring France

Steps up for: Self-love & mental health


Meioshia Omesiete 

Name: Meioshia Omesiete 
Age: 24 
Alma Mater: Sam Houston State University 
Major: Psychology Minor in Community Leadership 
Favorite Book: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings 
Success is: Inevitable if you treat it as such 
Steps up for: Marginalized voices constantly quieted by blind oppression 


Tristyn Surprenant

Name: Tristyn Surprenant
Age: 20
College: Emmanuel College
Major: Communications and Media Studies
Favorite podcast: Why is this Happening?
Advice I wish I had 5 years ago: Fortune favors the prepared mind
Steps up for: The free press


Jaimy Jean-Noel

Name: Jaimy Jean-Noel
Age: 24
College/ University: Framingham State University graduate
Major: Sociology with a minor in Biology 
Favorite podcast: The Read. 
Success is: Finding peace within knowing your purpose in life
Steps up for: I step up for individuals pursuing their passion in life


Summer Heath

Name: Summer Heath

Age: 22

College/ University: University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Major: Women and Gender Studies

Favorite podcast: Guys We F@#ked

I can’t start my day until: I have coffee

Advice I wish I had 5 years ago:  The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling


Name: Judy Ha​

Age: 18

Favorite Book: Looking for Alaska by John Green

In 5 years, find me: At one of the best brunch spots in Boston

Steps up for: Women empowerment, happiness, equality and more diversity in media 


Rishi Patel

Name: Rishi Patel
Age: 23
College: University of Iowa
Major: Communication Studies
Favorite TV Show: How I Met Your Mother
One thing people don’t know about me: I have walked on top of a glacier
Steps Up For: Peace and Unity


Arielle Joselson 

Name: Arielle Joselson 

Age: 22

College/ University: SUNY Purchase

Major: Communications

Favorite Movie: Sweet Home Alabama 

Steps up for: Animals


Elizabeth Coleman

Name: Elizabeth Coleman

Age: 23

College/University: Nova Southeastern University (MS) and Keene State College (BA)

Major: Conflict Analysis and Resolution and Holocaust and Genocide studies

Favorite book: To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

In 5 years, find me: Investigating extremism in the United States

Steps up for: Justice, equality, and making life better for others


Colson Kuliopulos

Name: Colson Kuliopulos

Age: 19

College/ University: Emerson College

Major: VMA

Favorite Movie: American Graffiti  

In 5 years find me: Leading a one-man crusade to bring back Blockbuster Video

Steps up for: A world where the most powerful voice isn’t always the loudest


Katelyn Dickens

Name: Katelyn Dickens

Age: 20

College/ University: Lake Michigan College

Major: English writing

Favorite TV show: Doctor Who

Success is: Being able to take a step back and realize you’re happy with yourself and what you’ve left behind for future generations

Steps up for: Marine conservation


Alec Mackenzie

Name: Alec Mackenzie
Age: 26
College/ University: Graduate from California State University Channel Islands 
Major: English with an Emphasis on Creative Writing 
Favorite Movie: Braveheart
In 5 years find me: Writing and cooking
Steps up for: Creativity 


Lara Rosales

Name: Lara Rosales

Age: 23

College/ University: Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico City)

Major: Latin American Literature.

Favorite Movie: Thelma & Louise

You'll never see me without: A bottle of diet coke 

Steps up for: Equality


Name: Maxine de la Houssaye

Age: 21

College/University: Emerson College

Major: Writing Literature and Publishing 

Favorite Book: The Mediator (series) by Meg Cabot

Advice I wish I had 5 years ago: You shouldn't take life too seriously

Steps up for: Interracial, ethnic, disorders, and disabilities in romance novels


Mindy Zhang

Name: Mindy Zhang

Age: 20

College/ University: Bentley University

Major: Marketing

Favorite Movie: The Emperor’s New Groove

You’ll never see me without: My dark eye circles

Steps up for: Learning


Jessie Gross

Name: Jessie Gross

Age: 22

College/ University: Lesley University

Major: English  

Favorite Movie: The Last Song

I can't start my day until: I drink coffee

Steps up for: Every human being


Michael Schroth

Name: Michael Schroth
Age: 21
College/ University: Worcester State University
Major: English 
Favorite Book: Eragon
In five years, find me: Touring the country having just published my first novel
Steps up for: Physical fitness, academic excellence, and mental health


Zaira Khan

Name: Zaira Khan 
Age: 20 
College/ University: Mercer University 
Major: Public Health and Sociology 
Favorite Movie: The Great Gatsby 
I can't start my day until: I've had three cups of green tea
Steps up for: Equity for all 


Alex Moore

Name: Alex Moore

Age: 26

College/ University: Virginia Tech 

Major: English

Favorite Book: Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

You'll never see me without: Good homemade food 

Steps up for: Gender equality in the workplace


Sarah DeLena

Name: Sarah DeLena
Age: 22
College/ University: Emerson College
Major: Publishing and Writing
Favorite movie: Twister (1996)

I can’t start my day until: I’ve eaten an obscenely sugary cereal. 
Steps up for: Steps up for other young adults like me who are trying to find themselves, whether it be with their sexuality, career, or any other catalyst that creates identity crises for 20-year-olds



Kirstie Devine

Name: Kirstie Devine

Age: 24 

College/University: Western New England University

Major: Creative Writing

Favorite podcast: Thick & Thin

Success is: Following your own path and not comparing yourself to someone else's

Steps up for: The truth


Jessica E. Simpson (Elisheva Azarael)

Name: Jessica E. Simpson (Elisheva Azarael)
Age: 24
College/ University: University of Massachusetts Amherst
Major: Journalism
Favorite Book: Sula by Toni Morrison
Advice I wish I had five years ago: There is nothing wrong with going to community college
Steps up for: Eliminating prejudice


Stephanie Fleming

Name: Stephanie Fleming

Age: 18

College/University: Washington College

Major: English

Favorite TV Show: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

You’ll never see me without: My HydroFlask

Steps up for: Honesty, respect, and equality


Nathan Nguyen

Name: Nate

Age: 21

College/ University: California State University, Long Beach

Major: Marketing

Favorite Movie: The Pursuit of Happiness

In 5 years, find me: Working for an advertising agency 

Steps up for: Nate steps up for personal growth and achievement


Katelyn LaScola

Name: Katelyn LaScola


College/ University: James Madison University 

Major: writing, rhetoric and technical communication & Media Arts and design

Favorite TV Show: Friends

Advice I wish I had 5 years ago: You will always find your direction even if it may never seem like it

Steps up for: I step up for mental health awareness 


Erin Azzopardi

Name: Erin Azzopardi

Age: 22

College/University: University of Michigan

Major: English, with a minor in French Studies

Favorite Movie: Almost Famous

Success is: Being happy and doing what you love

Steps up for: Mental health awareness


Michael Westwood

Name: Michael Westwood

Age: 25

College/University: Curry College

Major: Communication

Favorite TV show: WWE NXT 


Aarron Sholar

Name: Aarron Sholar

Age: 21

College/ University: Salisbury University

Major: Creative Writing

Minor: Business and Professional Writing

Advice I wish I had 5 years ago: No matter what happens in life, time continues on, and negativity will pass

Steps up for: Equality for women and minorities, diversity in professional settings, and showing respect towards others


Name: Sara Kim

Age: 23 

College/ University: Ithaca College '17

Major: Journalism 

Favorite book: Girl In Translation by Jean Kwak

Success is: Based on what you make it and the opportunities you create for yourself

Steps up for: Asian American/Pacific Islander representation and diversity in the media