I'm a wildlife artist working out of Vermont and I create vibrant, detailed

colored pencil portraits of animals. I started drawing in 2010 after two

years of struggling with an unknown illness and being nearly bedridden. I

taught myself how to draw from my bed despite a severe 24/7 migraine, body

pain, extreme fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, etc.


I was finally diagnosed in 2014 with Lyme disease, bartonella, babesia,

epstein barr, and hashimoto's thyroiditis. I went six and a half years

without a

diagnosis but I'm now on treatment and though it's very slow, I'm seeing



This past year I was able to turn my artwork into a business! I'm now a

full-time professional artist, although I still have to work around my



Animals are my biggest passion, so I'm happy that I'm now also able to use

my artwork to help conservation efforts. Some of the proceeds from certain

pieces of artwork, like my recent elephant drawing, go towards helping

conservation groups.


Looking to connect with... 

Other artists, creative entrepreneurs, wildlife conservationists/lovers,

photographers, nature/animal lovers, teachers/instructors, people

interested in colored pencil art, etc.


How to Connect...