Matt ‘Handshakin’ Holmes is a serial entrepreneur and host of the Handshakin Video Series, featuring today’s top entrepreneurs on the best networking strategies. He took his first swing at entrepreneurship in 2009 by consulting in the automotive industry as a ‘realtor’ to help clients buy cars from a private party. But, not seeing much growth potential, the psychology major acquired an MBA from Daniel’s College of Business, University of Denver. 


Quickly after starting school, he realized he needed to launch his first ‘big boy’ business before graduating if he really wanted to chase his dream. He launched Holmes Real Estate Group, which allowed out of state investors to ride part of the record breaking appreciation that Denver single family homes saw from 2011 to 2015. They were then rented to the thousands of millennials that moved to Denver every month during that time.


After turning this company into a passive income machine, Matt sold part of it to chase bigger dreams--internet, tech startups, meeting the business leaders of the world. Plus, Forbes had just called Denver the second best place to launch your startup. He began pulling all the great information available from highly successful people in Colorado, and then across the nation. After interviewing congressmen, venture capitalists, and billionaires, Matt has also been on numerous podcasts sharing tips on strategically making connections and relationship building.


He now helps aspiring entrepreneurs launch with the best networking strategies in the Handshakin Headquarters (co-working space) and Handshakin Startup Pre-accelerator.Take your startup idea to the next level at


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