Inspired by a book I read in kindergarten, I had a conversation with my mom about how kids could help other kids be happy. Together we started Let’s Help Kids. The name is our call to action and embodies a powerful message of community. Our organization has helped thousands of children on both the giving and receiving ends. Financially disadvantaged kids have gone to the movies with friends, experienced the freedom and fun of summer camp, dressed up for Halloween, received a new bike, and opened a birthday present. We work with social workers, schools, and community organizations to customize each experience to a child’s particular situation and personality.

My name is Rachel Harris. I am now 13 years old and Let's Help Kids has been doing just that for 7 years now. I am so excited to watch our organization grow and to know that thousands more kids will be helped by us in the future. One of the most exciting things is that in 2017 we are adding an education component to our mission where we will bring a multi-part workshop to elementary and middle school students teaching them about empathy and philanthropy. I can't wait to get a whole army of kids who are doing good and making a difference!


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As with most non-profits, money is always hard to come by. We hold a couple fundraising events each year... but what we REALLY need is to find several corporate sponsors who will commit to us overall from year to year. We need to be able to fund staff to run the organization day-to-day while I am in school. We have been completely volunteer-driven until early 2016 when we hired a part-time executive director. She is awesome but she needs help to keep us growing. And the new education program has expenses as there are workbooks and materials needed to deliver the training to kids.

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We can be contacted via email ( or via phone (844-459-5085).