My name is Josh and I live in small community just outside Toronto, Canada. My passion is found in engaging people, and I’m energized when I see new ideas take hold and make a difference. I’m married with 4 children, all of whom know that their dad is the Kutoa guy and that our family has made an investment in helping others around the world.


Each month Kutoa partners with a different registered charity that has a history of doing good work at a reasonable cost with the highest levels of return.


This partner provides Kutoa with 3 projects based upon theme or geography. It's important to us that each project involves sustainable solutions guided by input from the local people. After all, we believe everyone should have an equal voice.


Once the three projects are picked, Kutoa hands the decision making over to you.


Through Kutoa's VOTE NOW system, you decide where the money should go. At the end of the month, the project with the most votes gets all of the money raised for that month.


It’s that simple. 


Looking to connect with... 

Though Kutoa is for anyone, our Kutoa team is looking to connect with educators in particular. Classrooms from the youngest to the oldest of grades around the world are now involved. We offer free curriculum to educators that allows them to engage their students in age-appropriate ways with real humanitarian issues impacting the world today. We’ve also had a really generous donor offer to cover the 1st month of participation for any new classes that are created. Simply apply the coupon code 1MONTHFREE and you’ll have 1-month of donation required for your class to participate covered.


How to Connect 

To keep our movement active and responsive to our diverse global membership, Kutoa operates in the virtual realm. The easiest way to be in touch is to send us an email ( and someone will get back to you with the information you need.