Why I'm Stepping Up for Child Soldiers

May 1, 2014

At Kutoa, stepping up means speaking out and taking action. This month at Kutoa, we’re attempting to do both for those children who have been coerced into participating in armed conflicts around the world.


Whether is Syria, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Bolivia or Myanmar, approximately 300,000 children are being used in military campaigns around the world right now - almost always against their will. Equally sobering is the fact that 40% of these children are teen and pre-teenaged girls, which, for the stomach of you reading this, I’ll spare the details of what their lives are like. Instead I’ll summarize it with a word I don’t use lightly, hell.    


Our goal at Kutoa in generating a generation of givers is to partner with world changing organizations like the Child Soldiers Initiative, promote their work, and raise funds among our membership to see the use of child soldiers be a thing of the past.


This month Kutoa is promoting three projects related to the issue of child soldiers. You can view them by clicking here → www.kutoa.org/projects and if you’d like to join us, create your account and apply the coupon code STEPUP and a will donor cover 1-month of your contribution to our collective cause.


As we the Kutoa team works to see a generation give differently, more than anything else we’ve worked on, Kutoa Classrooms has seen this happen. From kindergarten to college, classes are learning, voting and sharing about a wide range of global humanitarian issues. To foster this, we’ve created free, age-appropriate curriculum so that teachers can be equipped, and when students vote, they do so as educated participants. Kutoa classrooms are uniquely empowering students to have a voice in global issues - which is a win for everyone.


As we at Kutoa want to applaud the efforts of the team at Step Up Magazine, anyone who creates a class can have 1-month of classroom participation covered by a donor by applying the coupon code STEPUPCLASS when creating a classroom (www.kutoa.org/classrooms).


Step up, speak out and take action with us!



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