Tips for Transfer Students

June 12, 2017


Transferring colleges is not an easy process. It is not a decision taken lightly, and from the moment you start feeling uncomfortable at your school to the moment you step foot at your new school, transferring requires passion, determination, ambition, and hard work. Unlike your senior year of high school, you don’t get that much help from resources around you. In some ways, this makes it more difficult. In other ways, it makes you able to truly show your dream school exactly who you are and exactly what you want: to be there.

There are many reasons a person might want to make the change: the environment, the location, the program, the academics. For some, however, it just doesn’t feel right. Spending four years investing in your college education is an important decision and it’s important that you feel comfortable where you’re at.

Fortunately for myself, I knew very early on in my freshman year at the University of Oregon that I wanted to transfer. The process is similar: you create an account on Common App and fill in your details. 


My biggest tip for anyone thinking of transferring, however, is this: reach out. Contact the transfer counselor at the schools you are applying to and make yourself known. Ask them what classes you can take that will help your chances or if they have any information that will help you successfully apply to that specific school. This time around, you’ve experienced college, you know what you’re looking for. You know what you want and what you don’t want. Use that to your advantage.

Being a transfer student is stressful at times. You have to do everything you did in your senior year of high school all over again and there’s usually a bit more pressure this time around. But this is your time to shine. Making a successful move from one school to another is such a rewarding experience that is so necessary for thousands of college students every school year. Never let anyone make you feel guilty for wanting to change. Make these changes for yourself, to better yourself and your academic career. Always remember why you are doing what you are doing, and to believe in your

I promise you, the waiting, the nervousness, the very hard work you put into these applications: it is all so worth it.


Do you have any tips for transfer students? Share in the comments!



My name is Meagan Donovan and I’m a 19 (going on 20!) year old junior at Chapman University in Southern California. I am double majoring in theatre studies and public relations/advertising, emphasizing my studies in the entertainment industry. A fun fact about me is that I’ve been performing since I was in third grade and I love writing my own songs, playing guitar, learning new dance forms, and acting in plays and musicals.

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