Elevating a Future in Political Science

June 19, 2017

In the millennial age, it is inevitable for teenagers to have a variety of vantage points about global issues. It is also inevitable for teenagers to want to share their perspectives. As an example, high school students are compelled to make a difference. The political science track in particular, especially in regard to women’s leadership, strongly equips young women to confidently project their views on education, global studies, and current events. 


Photo: Daniil Kuželev on Unsplash  



What is surprising about pursuing a career in political science is the misconception that those who decide to pursue it proceed to law school. However, moving along to college, there are several rewarding routes a  student can take to make an impact on local, state, or national level, with fields related to the private and public sectors, communications and public relations, and campaign management. Merging journalism and political science together can meet the needs of an individual hoping to become a news anchor or news producer. Similarly, political science fused with economics or business can create a powerful mix of management skills to solve pressing political issues- albeit challenging- on tax reforms, transactions, and public policy. While STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) may be the hot new cluster to jump into, political theory and ideology supports the innovative millennial craze of STEM. Politics play a role in deciding whether the government approves or disproves of a technological advancement in society. With the fundamental element of the United States Constitution, a headstrong political mentality is evident all around us- in every career aspect- and learning more about political science as an undergraduate college student is beneficial as the degree is becoming increasingly prevalent in an extremely vocal generation. With a multitude of career options after graduation, as well as hands-on internship opportunities while studying, and a dynamic and diverse course curriculum, political science is dominating other fields by transforming the young and  interested to the mature and boldly passionate.


There is no surprise that political science serves as a fantastic asset to those motivated to spark a social change. Whether interning with the U.S. House of Representatives or assisting with an electoral campaign, applying oneself in a political atmosphere allows the individual to gain valuable skills such as leadership, public speaking, and corporate professionalism. In a creative industry, those who immerse themselves in the realm of politics are not only seizing the chance to have a “creative outlet,” but also are learning more about domestic affairs.


In order to inspire the next generation of independent career go-getters, political science is truly a refreshing and worthwhile professional area. You can definitely be the one who makes your case on a societal level if you put your mind to it. 


Victoria Giardina is a 17 year old incoming senior at Manalapan High School in Manalapan, NJ. Planning to double major in broadcast journalism and political science, she hopes to pursue a career at a news network in New York City. She is the founder of the nonprofit organization Kick It Cancer, president of her class, and a former local titleholder for the Miss America Organization.

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