Step Up for Self Care

June 20, 2017

As an avid user of social media, I frequently see posts about self-care. Many of them talk about ways to practice good self-care, but I feel the need to emphasize just how important self-care is. 


 Photo: Sydney Rae on Unsplash 


Self-care involves quite a few different aspects. Whether you make sure to take needed medications, or simply get enough sleep, taking steps to increase self-care is important.

I am reminded that everyone only has one body and one life and it is important to be good to the body and the mind that will carry you through life. Often times a combination of aspects like mental illness and every-day stress can get in the way of self-care. 


Taking steps to improve self-care efforts can make a huge difference. Some simple and relatively easy actions to take can include keeping up with hygiene, avoiding activities that could be triggering or harmful, or stepping outside for some fresh air once in awhile. Also, partake in activities that make you happy and be sure to relax when you are feeling stressed or anxious. Take time for yourself and make sure you make yourself a priority because you are important. Yes, you specifically. 


I encourage everyone out there who may struggle with keeping up on self-care to take necessary steps to loving themselves more. Like I said before, we all only get one body and one life and everyone should try to love themselves and take care of themselves. 

I want everyone who reads this and thinks they may be lacking in the self-care department, to take a step back and ask themselves what they can do to take care of their mind and body.


Every single person reading this is important and worthy of abundant self-care and self love. 


My name is Baylie Clevenger and I am 19 years old. I plan to attend Ball State University this fall and major in Journalism with a minor in Political Science. I have been writing since I was 15 and plan to do so for the rest of my life! 

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