Approaching The Last Week of Pride Month

June 23, 2017

Photo: yoav hornung on Unsplash  


As we approach the last week of pride month, it has been a colourful one, where people of the LGBTQ+ community and people supporting them, come together to celebrate diversity. It’s about self-affirmation, dignity, and equal rights, of all human beings. 


For a little background, June was chosen as pride month to commemorate the Stonewall riots which occurred in June, 1969. During this time, it was a struggle for many to be their authentic selves.


Now in 2017, being diverse is (hopefully) celebrated, and here are the little ways to show your pride everyday:


Wearing the rainbow: Be the colourful splash this month. Wear colors of the rainbow! 

Keep up with the conversation: Yes, there is so much going on in the world today that it is hard to know what to focus on and what happened when. Stay informed about events relating to the LGBTQ+ community.


Be a teacher: There are many people out there, who struggle to grasp the concept of diverse gender identity, and if you are informed, you should teach them what you know. Sit them down and just talk.


Learn history: Not many know or fully understand how we got where we are today, being able to walk out in the street wearing something that screams “different” and it being okay. There were many people who were told it was not okay to be different, people who worked hard to get marriage rights and acquire recognition. Learn about them and events that led up to having the progressive life that we have now.

Participate in the community: Engage, engage, engage. There are so many events and people out there, go and engage and understand different perspectives and learn from them.


I suggest reading some of Billboard’s “Love Letters to the LGBT Community,” written by notable pop culture individuals, expressing their thoughts on being a part of or supporting the community. Don’t stop there, go local and see if there are any events, groups or individuals to talk to about diversity. 


Tell us what you think about pride month, what you appreciate and learned about! Make sure to use our #stepupmagazine hashtag!


Mana Mehta is a 16-year-old high school student, aspiring to be a political journalist. She is usually glued to a good book and watching political debates.


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