Climate Inaction Is Too Expensive!

June 23, 2017

There has been so much havoc since Trump withdrew from the Paris Agreement, and this news has not only shocked the whole world but threatens environment as well.


 Photo: Yeshna

I took those photos above during a road trip in Mauritius, also known as the Paradise Island due to its awesome beaches and seas and it’s sad to imagine this beautiful place being destroyed in a few years.

We are depleting our natural resources at an alarming rate and it’s an irreversible process. Our kids will have to go to school with oxygen masks and it’s a dark gloomy future that is waiting for us. We took the earth for granted and now, we have to bear its wrath.

The earth is our only home, we do not have any planet B and if we continue with the current trend, we will wipe out our own existence. We will cease to exist, and it will be the end of everything and of our civilization.


   Photo: Yeshna

Working to save the environment is not costly, and our small actions can matter a lot. In fact, it is climate inaction that is too expensive. It will make deep cuts in our GDP and it will be the root of all the problems. This huge network of problems will impact on all the countries and we should all work together to save ourselves.

Youth are the light of the future and it’s fundamental that we spread climate activism. There are many solutions out there, from renewable energy to fundamental ones like not littering. We cannot wait for
other people to save ourselves and we, as future leaders must add our voices to the conversation.

As Achim Steiner said, “Every small actions matters because when 7 billion people do that thing, it changes the world." So, if you are reading this, know that YOU can be the change in the world.


Yeshna Dindoyal is a 19-year-old Youth Representative, UNICEF Voices of Youth blogger and a UNICEF climate digital Mapper. She is an advocate for gender inequality, climate change, mental health and bullying education to and works to empower youth. She wants to make the world a better place, and leave a mark. She is currently a law student and one fun fact about her is that she is a big Harry Potter fan. She is a work in progress.

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