Tips For Staying Active In the Summer

June 24, 2017

Tips For Staying Active In the Summer


The first week of summer is officially coming to a close which means the days are longer and everyone is starting to relax for their summer vacation. Vacations are meant to let all your worries go for a while and relax. While this escape from reality is something we all crave, it doesn’t mean you have to step away from a healthy and active lifestyle in the summertime! Here are a few tips for staying fit and active during your summer break!


Photo: Dominik Wycisło on Unsplash 


Try starting a workout plan

One of the most difficult things people have with starting a workout plan is finding the time to actually go out and walk, run or jog. An easy way to do find time is to first pick a simple but active task to get you started. Perhaps start yourself off with walking around the block everyday. When you’re deciding on an activity, try to schedule it to be done in the morning. According to Mitzi Dulan of U.S. News, “research shows that those who exercise in the morning are more consistent exercisers than those who exercise later in the day.” 


Go Outside!

Summer is the perfect time to find your wild side or learn new hobbies that you never knew you enjoyed. Try to do something outside every day. It can be something as simple as jumping in the pool or going for a hike. While you’re outside you’ll not only be having fun, but you’ll be soaking up some Vitamin D from mother nature. Gretchen Reynolds of the New York Times reported on a study on life in an urban environment. They found that “volunteers who walked briefly through a lush, green portion of the Stanford campus were more attentive and happier afterward than volunteers who strolled for the same amount of time near heavy traffic.” So if you go outside even for a few minutes every day, you’ll most likely have a happier and healthier day!


Drink liquids throughout the day

I live in Arizona, so I am constantly drinking water throughout the day. While I may live in the desert, staying hydrated in the summer is vital for anyone looking to be active. If you’re looking to become more active, it’s important to always be carrying water with you! Not only will staying hydrated keep you from getting heat related illnesses, but it also can prevent you from overeating as it slows your metabolism down. Dehydration often shows the same symptoms as hunger, so if you choose to drink water instead of eating that bag of chips, you will most likely not feel that pain in your stomach any more!


Want to learn more about staying fit throughout the year?

Check out  or to find more information on how to have a healthier summer vacation!


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