How To Teach Yourself New Things

June 25, 2017

The rewards of lifelong learning are pretty well known. Constantly learning stops you from getting stuck in a rut, keeps you mentally sharp and constantly inspired by new knowledge. Growing your competency and seeing real evidence that you have improved at something is great. Here are some different ways to teach yourself new things.




Make Yourself Learn

Put yourself in situations where you literally need to learn in order to survive. By that I mean maybe volunteer to help someone out with something you don’t necessarily have experience with. Or get a job where you aren’t a total expert at what you’ll be doing. If you put yourself in situations where you absolutely need to learn in order to get by, you’ll find yourself being incredibly resourceful.



Find something to replicate. If you want to be an amazing videographer for example, find a great video and try to replicate it. You know that what you are replicating is the standard of what you want to be able to achieve. By copying something, you are learning in the process. Figure out how the person put together the thing you are trying to replicate. How did they create it? What techniques did they use? Use these questions to help yourself  break down how to do something and learn it.


Look For Resources

In order to learn anything, you must have access to the relevant information. Sometimes the information will be fairly easy to find, but sometimes you’ll have to dig for it.

Teach Others What You’re Learning

Teaching others the thing you are learning is one of the best ways to learn. Try starting a blog, YouTube channel, or even an Instagram account dedicated to sharing the thing you’re learning.


Understand Why & Apply

To stay motivated and focused, you should know why you are learning something. How is the thing you are learning actually going to apply in your real life? Find ways to apply what you are learning so you can really exercise your skills, practice, solidify your knowledge and increase the benefits of what you are learning.


Create A Learning Plan

This would be more suited to those of you out there who like structure.  Try making your own syllabus. Create sections, know what you’re going to learn and create little sub-learning sections and maybe ‘how I’m going to learn x’ sections to help you break down your learning and your goals.


What is something you’ve always wanted to learn? Let us know in the comments!


I'm Sadiyah Qureshi, a 23-year-old student from Ireland. I'm majoring in Creative Digital Media. I'm passionate about lots of creative areas including blogging, design, film and photography. I write about these and lifestyle related topics I'm interested in at Sadiya Hearts. Ultimately I want to inspire, uplift and motivate others to develop their creativity. I can most likely be found with my phone, laptop, and camera, reading blogs, shooting and editing videos and photos, and occasionally panicking about how much time I spend indoors plugged into something.

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