Useful Things To Learn

June 30, 2017

We can all really benefit from learning certain skills. Having these skills can make many things we attempt to do in life easier for us. To help me gather some really useful tips, I asked a few people to list things that they think would be beneficial for young people to learn. Here is a list of some useful things you should learn to help you get ahead.


Learn To Learn

Figuring out which is the most effective way that you learn is so important. Do you prefer audio and podcasts? Video tutorials, or blog posts? Do you work better in the morning or late at night? At a desk or sitting on the floor? Knowing how you learn best is the first step in teaching yourself new skills.



I can personally attest that this is an incredibly useful skill that has saved me so much time and effort. Whether it’s emails, college assignments, blogging, pretty much any typed communication, being able to type at a decent pace saves you so much time! If you don’t know how to type, start learning now.


Speed Reading

This is such a useful skill, being able to read quickly means you can quickly get through emails, textbooks and web pages. This will speed up your workflow and allow you to be more productive.


Write Professional Letters and Emails

Knowing how to express your messages in a concise clear way is going to speed up your professional communications and make your life a lot easier.


Interpersonal Skills

The success in both your personal and professional life will most definitely be shaped by your interpersonal skills, that is, your ability to communicate with others. Learn more about interpersonal skills like verbal and non-verbal communication, listening skills, negotiating, problem solving, assertiveness and decision making. You won’t regret it




Remember when you’re working in a team that your success is your team’s success. Everyone’s role is important and for you to succeed means you’re helping the people around you to succeed. Be the person you want to work with.


How To Read A Financial Statement

If you can read a cereal box, you can read a financial statement. It’s a really useful ability it just takes some practice.


How To Save Money

There are tons of ways to do this, you just need to educate yourself about it. It’s so worth taking the time to do.


How To Calculate Risk

This is such a useful ability to have. Knowing the chances of something happening, can help you to make smarter decisions.



Cooking and Nutrition

Being able to cook quick healthy meals is such a useful skill to have. Learn how to put together some easy and healthy meals for yourself. Also learning more about nutrition, what to eat when, and how much, is knowledge you will use throughout your life. Our success depends on how we feel and knowing how to eat right means your body and mind will be in top form.


What do you think are some useful things to learn?


I'm Sadiyah Qureshi, a 23-year-old student from Ireland. I'm majoring in Creative Digital Media. I'm passionate about lots of creative areas including blogging, design, film and photography. I write about these and lifestyle related topics I'm interested in at Sadiya Hearts. Ultimately I want to inspire, uplift and motivate others to develop their creativity. I can most likely be found with my phone, laptop, and camera, reading blogs, shooting and editing videos and photos, and occasionally panicking about how much time I spend indoors plugged into something.

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