Why I Step Up for Democracy

July 12, 2017

This week, I had the amazing opportunity to interview two of my friends about why they step up for democracy. One is a history-lover, while the other has a severe case of wanderlust. Both of them, though, have a love for our country and the democratic society we’ve been blessed with. I’d have to say I agree.


Photo: Fred Moon on Unsplash  


My opinion comes from a place of religion, as I’m a devout Catholic and have been for my entire life. It’s something I don’t think about being taken away from me, because I live in a country where I’m sure that won’t happen. I have the freedom to practice religion and the freedom to write about it however I like. 


This year, I’ve learned about so many countries that don’t have that same freedom. In fact, I was surprised by how many countries can’t practice what they believe in. It’s scary, and it’s sad. Of course, just because a country outlaws something, it doesn’t mean its citizens will stop believing or practicing. It’ll just be a little more secretive than it might’ve been before. 


However, along with the secrets come the danger. There’s a constant fear of the government or those around them finding out about what they’re doing. So many people die or are jailed for their beliefs, and it’s a painful reality that I’ve found hard to understand. So many terrorist attacks are a direct result of this hatred for those who practice Catholicism.


All of that sadness is put in direct contrast with the United States, where we don’t experience those things. It makes me think about how good we have it here, because we’ve been blessed with a democracy. 


I couldn’t possibly imagine living in a place where my world involves me always looking over my shoulder when I open my bible. A place where it might not be possible for me to attend mass every week. A place where I’ve seen family and friends die because they’re forced to choose between patriotism and God. 


To me, the United States is one of the best countries in the world because we’ve got those freedoms. And, not only that, but they’re protected by the government. We don’t have to worry about being taken to jail because we love God. 


I’m not naïve in that I know we’ve got our fair share of problems; however I’d take this country any day over one where blogging about my faith isn’t an option. 


I step up for Democracy.


My name is Amanda Rossol. I'm 21 years old and majoring in Spanish and Secondary Education, with a minor in English. I'm currently heading into my internship year, where I'm placed in a high-school, Spanish classroom. Something interesting about me is that I LOVE country music! 


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