Seven Ways to Be Active This Summer

July 13, 2017

Summer is hot, sweaty, free, but also undecided. These are all good things when it comes to the month where school and our minds are off, but shouldn’t be the only words to describe summer. With school off, people forget to take advantage of all the free time, the great weather, and the opportunities to do things you wouldn’t have time to do in your regular life.



I made the mistake of thinking that summer is long enough to do nothing, and that I will eventually get off my computer. It never happened until the people around me made me switch to another form of spending time, through being active.


Yes, not everyone wants to take a hike or bike terrain, but there are fun ways to burn off sugar highs and do something. This can be alone or with someone,  as you spend your summer in a more active way, you’ll notice the difference in your attitude. Here are seven ways to get up, be active, and have fun:


COOL IT OFF: This might seem like a given, but make sure you get wet. Pools, the ocean, rivers, lakes, whatever is wet!  Swimming laps doesn’t seem like too much fun to many, but can be a great way to be active. Another option is to just do whatever you want that gets you to move in the pool for at least 30 minutes. Go with your friends, your siblings or family to make it more fun!




MAKE IT A GAME: This tip also has to do with water, but can definitely be fun with a group. Grab some water guns, water balloons, or basically anything that can hold water so that you can run around and make a splash.


GRAB YOUR WHEELS: Some people may have cars, but try to use a more strenuous form of transport this summer. If you have a bike or are able to rent one, bicycle to run errands or just to go through the neighbourhood. Find a trail and have fun looking at scenery too.


BE A KID: Here’s the plan – find a kid (or kids), and learn to be one. Kids have so much fun playing in the park or anywhere where there’s space, so you should too. Running around, using the swingset, whatever you want just so you move around a bit.




FIND A VIEW: Depending on where you are in the world, the weather could be hot or cold at this time of year. Either way, hiking is still an option. Find a new trail close by that offers great views, and this will definitely be able to motivate you to keep walking. Hiking is also proven to be more fun for people than walking as it’s not flat ground, so take advantage of it.


GET SANDY: Sandy beaches can act as the perfect terrain for a quick workout and some fun in the waves. As many of you may know, running on sand isn’t exactly easy because it’s difficult, making it perfect for an active workout. Another things to do is some stretching or going for a surf, the possibilities are pretty much endless.


The last tip is to have fun in whatever you're doing, and don’t feel like you have to be doing something at every minute, relaxing is a sport too!


Mana Mehta is a 16-year-old high school student, aspiring to be a political journalist. She is usually glued to a good book and watching political debates.

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