5 Summer Must-Haves

July 14, 2017

Summer is never short of sunny and humid days that make us want to go for a dip in the pool or relax on the beach. We let the vitamin D soak into our skin as we slather on sunscreen before heading outside. With that, summer can bring heat warnings and various dangers. Here are what I consider the five essentials for having a comfortable, enjoyable summer.




Water, water, water

Whether you prefer tap, bottled or fruit-infused, water helps with dehydration and provides us with energy. During the heat, it is best to keep extra cold water on hand no matter where you go. At the beach? Bring a cooler filled with ice and an assortment of drinks, including water. At work? Try a refillable water bottle and aim to refill as much as possible throughout the day.



If you are like me, you can get tan – or a really bad sunburn – just by soaking up some sun for a few hours. There is no harm in stocking up on sunscreen in both full and travel sizes. Even if you do not like to put on sunscreen every day, I recommend using a facial sunscreen each morning. Special sunscreens for your face often provide stronger protection against UV rays and double as a moisturizer. Personally, I like to apply facial sunscreen every day and always carry a travel size one in my purse for reapplication.




Sunglasses or a hat

When the sun shines bright from sunrise until sunset, there is no better way to combat the rays than protecting your eyes with your favorite pair of shades or a hat. For me, sunglasses are extremely crucial when driving because of the way they fight against window reflections. I would say keep multiple pairs handy so you can grab them on-the-go.



To stay cool indoors, fans supplement an air conditioner. In an office, a personal desk fan works well while you may want a full-size rotating and standing fan for your home. Fans provide additional cool air and add a nice touch to any room. Select one based on size and style to personalize it according to your preferences.


A bathing suit

This one is a no-brainer for me. Summer is a perfect time to relax by a body of water, whether at the beach, pool or waterpark. Of course, it is important to choose a swimsuit that best fits your style and allows you to be comfortable and relaxed. With unique designs and the trendiest cuts, there is a bathing suit for everyone.


My five must-have summer essentials keep me comfortable all summer long, and I always try to keep these items handy for the hot and sunny days. What is your essential summer item?  


My name is Sara Kim, a recent graduate of the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College. I majored in journalism with a double minor in Health Policy & Management and Asian American Studies. In my free time, I enjoy working out, reading books, watching movies, and cooking. Fun fact: I am a foodie and love to try out new places and recipes. 

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