How To Make Peace With Your School Life

July 14, 2017

Books. Books. Books.

Classes. Classes. Classes.

Rules. Rules. Rules.

How boring!


Living life as a student can be very stressful. Don’t fret though, there are still some diplomatic ways for you to make peace with your school life.




Firstly, try to form good bonds with everything, and everyone. You may have to deal with tough people that will always point out your wrongs even by being right, and sometimes, they may be the ones that have the closest ties with you. They may be your family, your neighbors, your teachers, your friends. My advice would be to take the lead and reconcile. Forgive them, although you are incapable of forgetting what they have done and accept them back into your life. At least, the fire has been put out.


You may want to be the triumph of the school, the cream of the crop, or any majestic idiom that describes it. You are the athlete, the school prefect, the straight A student, the band conductor, the scout, the jack of all trades. You want to have a good name and keep up with the reputation, so there’s no use of complaining on the abundance of workload that you have. There are 24 hours a day, so try to cram and slot in time for everything when you’re awake so you can have a good night sleep. 


Most importantly, do what you want to do. Pursue what you love. Polish your traits and expand them. This can also be a gateway for you to reduce the stress and be carefree for a moment. It’s always nice to do the things that you love and make fond memories to share with other people. This also conveys a message that you’re not alone in the frenzy, so your support system will increase. Therefore, you can always be motivated and keep on driving. Don’t worry. Keep on striving and good luck!


Maleen Balqish is proud to call herself a 17-year old Malaysian-based journalist. Inspired by her friends and family, she aspires to change the world from the comfort of her bedroom, chasing deadlines.

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