Finding A Worthy Cause

July 15, 2017

In a materialistic culture where we want more than we need and where society holds us against the “survival of the fittest” theory, there are times we forget to support causes and organizations that are close to our hearts. With various options for supporting the causes we believe in, I would say there are five important ways to dedicate some time to become involved with a cause.





There are a lot of nonprofits and independent organizations, and almost – if not, all – accept some form of monetary donation. Whether small or large, monetary donations help support the organization and the causes it supports. The best way to make sure your dollars are being put to good use is to check out annual reports on the organization’s websites or websites like for a better understanding of how your money is being distributed.


Don’t forget…donating gently used items or worn clothes can also help out an organization.


Give back

Have a bit of free time on your hands? Volunteer with an organization and serve as a member who is dedicated to the cause. Many large nonprofits have locations in major cities and small neighborhoods, and all of them would be happy to have volunteers no matter what the season. Volunteering also helps you build character and engage with your local community and does not have to be committal.


Stay up-to-date

Understanding current news surrounding your cause and organization is also a great way to become involved. Not only does keeping up-to-date with current happenings show that you care about the cause, but it also helps you gain some insight into the cause you care about. In fact, it might allow you to figure out why you are supporting a cause and if the cause and organization are what you want to support. This also provides more insight into how you can help the cause.





Supporting a cause can bring you potential networks and can even lead to a career path. When you understand the cause and commit to it, you are joining a team of passionate other advocates and leaders who share the same belief in the cause. As a result, networking binds you to a national organization that allows you to relate to others and establish connections with people who are fighting for the same cause. And of course, the more people who come together to support a cause, the better potential to progress in advocacy and empowerment.


Empower others

Finding a cause that you care about transforms you into a leader who empowers others and advocates for an organization's missions. Personally, I enjoy being dedicated to an organization because it allows me to continue to empower others and support causes I believe in. Through empowering others, I am fortunate to continue learning about the cause and helping spread the word.


My name is Sara Kim, a recent graduate of the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College. I majored in journalism with a double minor in Health Policy & Management and Asian American Studies. In my free time, I enjoy working out, reading books, watching movies, and cooking. Fun fact: I am a foodie and love to try out new places and recipes. 

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