Myths about Law School and Lawyers

July 16, 2017

When I was younger, I loved watching legal movies like The Paper Chase, Legally Blonde, and Suits(I still do!)




However, it’s important to know that real life law school /lawyers are far more different than the media version, and in this article we are going to bust those myths.


1. Law school is for people who want to be lawyers.


A law degree is useful for a lot of jobs such as legal advisors, paralegals, legal executives. So, not everyone who goes to law school wants to be lawyers.

A poll of 500 UK businesses by Marketing Minds showed that businesses tend to give preference to law graduates.




2. Law students are nerds, antisocial, and arrogant.

Law school can be hard and challenging but not all law students are typical nerds, with antisocial behavior. Law school has a beautiful mix of students with different cultures and backgrounds, all of them are unique in their own way. Some are very welcoming, friendly, and kind. Therefore, it’s not fair to generalize and believe Elle Woods. I also do not understand what is wrong with being a nerd. Nerds are nice people who enjoy studying and I’m proud to be a nerd. Hermione Granger in Harry Potter is one too and we thank JK Rowling for trying to break that dark image of nerds.


3. Law students do not have a social life and everyone is competitive.


Law school requires dedication, hard work, and extra hours of self-study, but that does not mean that law students cannot find time to hang out with friends, or do things they like. Law students do have a social life, some join clubs or sororities and even unite to fight for global issues like climate change; they just learn how to manage their time effectively.


Being competitive as long as it’s healthy is good; it brings out the best in us.



4.Courtroom drama


It is true that the murder-mystery courtroom drama in Legally Blonde is fun to watch. Elle Woods impressing debating skills inspired us all to be barristers. The truth is that, courtroom drama in real life is different from movies: with less drama for sure, strict court rules. Added to that, debating skills is not the only skill that a lawyer needs.


5. Lawyers are money minded


If we go by the TV lawyers, most of them charge exorbitant fees and are all super rich. In reality, not all lawyers are billionaires, some work part time and according to our codes of ethics; we need to keep our fees reasonable.


6. Lawyers lie and they are inhumane, with no feelings.


Small reminder: Lawyers are humans too and they have emotions. Some show their emotions a lot while some prefer to be professional but that does not mean that all of them are bad people and inhumane. Not all lawyers lie as well, lying in court has serious consequences like loss of license.




7. Law and law student = boring


“I OBJECT”, law is actually interesting! It requires a lot of work but learning is always fun. If you are passionate about law, law school is going to be a roller coaster ride; fun guaranteed.


Author’s note: This information is purely based on my personal experience while attending law school.


Are you stepping up to bust myths and stereotypes? Let us know using the hashtag #STEPUPMAGAZINE


Yeshna Dindoyal is a 19-year-old Youth Representative, UNICEF Voices of Youth blogger and a UNICEF climate digital Mapper. She is an advocate for gender inequality, climate change, mental health, bullying, education and works to empower youth.She wants to make the world a better place, and leave a mark. She is currently a law student and one fun fact about her is that she is a big Harry Potter fan. She is a work in progress.

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