Healthy Living: Three Nutritional Truths You Need to Know

July 22, 2017

Fitness is a journey, not a destination. Choosing to live in a more healthful way comes with advantageous results, and I myself have been practicing a fresher and stronger lifestyle with a well-balanced fitness journey. Today, thousands of people are all into a “health craze”: committing to their gym memberships, planning out a more sustainable and purer diet, and purchasing the trendiest Adidas and Nike apparel for their next workouts. While all of these nutritional choices definitely correlate to a healthier lifestyle, there are important guidelines that you should live by each and every day to avoid loopholes in your quest for a well-balanced fitness journey.


Photo: Dingzeyu Li on Unsplash 


Do Not Overexert Your Energy in Working Out


Making the decision to exercise is crucial in maintaining a lively way of life, but too much too often can become dangerous. Intentions to tone muscles or to maintain weight can easily turn into an unhealthy weight loss experience if you are not careful. To avoid this alarming tendency to occur, make a workout calendar with different activities: crunches, kickboxing, weights, yoga, Pilates, dance cardio, or even a power-walk. Having a timely balance of different workouts makes for a more strategic and beneficial experience.


Eat in a Fulfilling Manner, Yet Take Caution


It is a no-brainer that cultivating a nourishing diet equates to being more perceptive to what you put in your body: less fatty foods, more protein and antioxidants. While this logic holds true, it is imperative to note that a balance of what you consume should always be recognized. Having a salad for lunch with a high nutritional value does not mean that you can never have a delicious cake pop from Starbucks (aren’t we all thankful that these exist?). Think about what you put in your body as something that you absolutely need to survive because that will prompt you to invest in a counterbalanced variety diet.


Have a Third Eye on Social Media


It may be difficult to follow through with, but try to avoid looking up fitness accounts on social media. Of course there are accounts that promote healthy living by expressing their best tips (take this article as an example), yet research studies have proved that becoming “too obsessed” with healthy living can lead to an eating disorder called orthorexia- when healthy living can dramatically turn into preoccupation with diet and exercise. Pledging to follow the “health craze” discussed earlier can even lead to a malnourished diet because you are not gaining essential sugars and vitamins. Be mindful to social media and advertisements. Just because Victoria’s Secret models look perfect in magazines does not hide the fact that they have personal trainers. Just because a social media user posts a picture of an “Instagram-worthy” acai bowl that is the new health furor does not mean that they have a cookie or two off camera. It happens to the best of us- we are human! Health is all about balance, so be confident that you will apply one.


All in all, fitness is a term that is loosely interpreted in society. We each have different goals and motivations which propel us to take the plunge and better ourselves. Being fit and healthy is so important and I highly recommend making at least one healthy choice a day- whether that be drinking more water or eating more clean. Let’s start a refreshing lifestyle to gather a new generation of enthusiasts.


Victoria Giardina is a 17 year old incoming senior at Manalapan High School in Manalapan, NJ. Planning to double major in broadcast journalism and political science, she hopes to pursue a career at a news network in New York City. She is the founder of the nonprofit organization Kick It Cancer, president of her class, and a former local titleholder for the Miss America Organization.


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