Meet My Baby...January Baby!

July 26, 2017




There’s an old saying: necessity is the mother of invention. And it was through personal necessity that I created a product that would lead to a business venture that has inspired a close knit, and very faithful following.


I was on a quest. Not to build a business, but to find products with all natural ingredients to moisturize and nourish my skin and hair at an affordable price. Like many, I found that the lotions and creams I used often smelled great--and I could buy them in bulk because they were affordable--but they would only moisturize for a moment; by the end of the day I was very dry which sometimes resulted in patches on my skin. I was in desperate need for hydration. I learned that some of the ingredients in these lotions and creams were not helping my skin at all. In fact, they were designed so to only have short-term benefit and I had to keep purchasing them. Affordability went out the window


Frustrated, I had a realization. If I wanted a moisturizing lotion that met my standards, I would have to create it myself. It would be for my private use, and take a considerable amount of time, work, and effort. But I was determined.




I tested many ingredients and formulas in my own kitchen. I asked friends and family for feedback as I experimented and tinkered for over a year. And when I finally created the right mixture, friends, family, and others who sampled it started to place orders. Place orders!


And so January Baby was formed. The name is owed to one of the coldest months of the year, when skin needs moisture and protection the most. And, it’s my birth month!




The mixture I created in my kitchen has been loved by my customers for almost five years now. I can proudly say that JB is made with high quality carrier, essential, and fragrance oils (paraben and phlaphate free!) that are never tested on animals, and help moisturize and make you smell good, all day. For a single, working mother on the move like myself, it’s great not to have to worry about the condition of my skin as I go throughout the day. And best of all, my product has benefited others, whom I affectionately call my JB Rock Stars!


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