Be A Better Leader

July 30, 2017

Becoming a good leader happens over time, it’s something that you need to intentionally try to become better at. Great leaders are continuous learners, who acknowledge their bad habits. Here are some habits you need to drop to be a better leader.




Dominating Conversations

Going to a meeting and doing all the talking is not leading effectively. Don’t dominate conversations. Instead spend time acquiring as much information as you can. Learning to listen is learning to lead.



It’ natural as the leader to constantly make sure everything is on track, but it’s actually not good leadership. Learn to trust others abilities and to delegate. Micromanaging can make your team feel suffocated and halt their purpose and creativity.


Being Egotistical

It’s hard as a leader not to think you know it all, but you need to check your ego. You need to realise and accept that you don’t know it all and that some people will most definitely do parts of the job better than you. If you’re over-defensive when you receive criticism, or think you’re smarter than everyone else, that’s ego. Dropping it isn’t always instantly easy, but when you feel it coming into play, just take a second before taking action.


Making Lone Decisions

As a leader it's unwise to take decisions alone. Get your team together to bounce ideas around and let everyone contribute. It doesn’t mean you don’t make the final call, but at least you have gathered information, been transparent and open to new ideas and let everyone be heard before taking the best course of action.


Not Being Accountable

As a leader you need to take responsibility for mishaps. It’s your job to give credit for all success to you team and accept responsibility for failures. If you are accountable, you gain the respect of your team and make yourself a better leader. Remember you don’t make yourself a leader, people choose whether they’re going to follow you.


I'm Sadiyah Qureshi, a 23-year-old student from Ireland. I'm majoring in Creative Digital Media. I'm passionate about lots of creative areas including blogging, design, film and photography. I write about these and lifestyle related topics I'm interested in at Sadiya Hearts. Ultimately I want to inspire, uplift and motivate others to develop their creativity. I can most likely be found with my phone, laptop, and camera, reading blogs, shooting and editing videos and photos, and occasionally panicking about how much time I spend indoors plugged into something.

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