Network Now And Get Your Dream Job Later

July 30, 2017

One of the first things I was taught my first semester in college was how to network. Networking, my professors and mentors told me, was connecting with the right people who have the right connections. It would be the key for my first internship and beyond. How to network is not that difficult. Here are three pieces of advice about networking that I’ve followed.


Photo: Marvin Meyer on Unsplash 


Don’t underestimate your worth


I talked myself out of networking with stars in my profession because I didn’t think they would take me seriously. I underestimated my worth, one of my first mistakes. Don’t underestimate your worth. Reach out to the star in your profession, shake hands with the manager of your company. What you think has influence over your attitude.


Learn what an elevator pitch is and master it


An elevator pitch is a 30 second introduction of yourself. You start off by saying your name and job information then usually go onto saying special skills you have and your goals. While the likelihood of you ever giving your elevator pitch in an actual elevator is low, you will be able to use it at job fairs or a networking event set up through your future employer. Do some research into what an elevator pitch is, find some good examples, then master yours.


Start early


Start networking as soon as possible. A key to effective networking is to connect with someone and maintain that relationship. The earlier you start the stronger and larger your network will be as you start looking for that first job. Send those emails now and use your connections as resources as you navigate your way through internships and other interest related experiences.


Networking is easy if you make it easy. Know your worth be able to effectively show it in your elevator pitch and start doing all of this now. Your future will thank you.


What advice have you gotten about networking? Let us know in the comments or using #stepupmagazine.


Maggie Campbell is a 19-year-old rising sophomore at Ohio University studying journalism.  Maggie currently serves on the executive board of the 2015-2016 Society of Professional Journalists National Outstanding Campus Chapter.


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