Meet Our Team: Emily Rose Thorne

August 1, 2017

We are excited to kick off our Meet The Team series with our very talented Emily Rose Thorne!



Steps up for: I step up for accountability and transparency in government and business because democracy cannot exist unless the people participate in it, but if the general public is kept in the dark by the powerful institutions of our society, then they aren't informed enough to make the best decisions when voting. This means I also step up for honesty and integrity in journalism because the media is responsible for bringing to light the motives, intentions, and histories that the government and big business try to keep under wraps. Fake news and clickbait articles dissolve the trust that the general public needs to have in the press, and distracts voters' attention from the issues that truly matter and influence our democracy.
Mission Statement: My mission statement is to treat everything as a learning experience so that my personal growth never ends. Any event, good or bad, can help us learn something new about the world, the people around us, or ourselves, and that can better equip us to handle other situations in the future.
Favorite Quote: When I graduated high school, my senior quote was "I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then." --
Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll). It speaks to how we are constantly changing, learning, and growing, and our perspective always developing.
Favorite Book: My favorite book is currently Abandon Me by Melissa Febos.
Role Model: I don't have a specific role model, but I admire and am inspired by many people, especially unapologetic women in music, politics, and other positions of leadership.

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