4 Simple Ways to Be More Healthy

August 4, 2017

Health is such a controversial concept of our lives, that it’s difficult to sometimes identify what is necessary for a healthy lifestyle and what isn’t. Healthy living has become a big trend in recent years. I have learned over the years that there are only 5 simple steps to becoming more healthy and instantly bringing up your energy levels.




HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE: This is the obvious one, but it can’t be more true. By drinking at least 1.5 - 2 litres a day, you instantly give your body the ability to detox and reenergise. Our bodies are more than 70% water, and without replenishing it every day we risk breakouts, fatigue, and a weaker digestive system.


DON’T BE AFRAID OF FOOD: Yes avocado toast is really good for you, but that slice of chocolate cake every once in a while (this doesn’t mean every few days), doesn’t hurt either. It’s all about balance and remembering that your body should be able to eat all foods. There shouldn’t be a fear to eat processed foods, let’s admit it, it’s one of the greatest things ever created. That being said, it should most definitely not be an every day thing.



ACTIVATE: Get your body moving as much as possible. If you’re able to walk to work or school, do it. If you have time for a quick jog before dinner, do it. If your little cousin is coming over and wants to run around in a park, do it. Just keep moving.


MINDFULNESS: Who knew that the vessel inside your head was important? Your mind needs to be just as healthy as the rest of your body. You can meditate, practice yoga, chant, anything that gives your mind a break from whatever you do during the day. Or you could do the reverse and keep your mind in practice if your job doesn’t involve strenuous thinking. This could be through doing crossword puzzles and brain squeezers.


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Mana Mehta is a 16-year-old high school student, aspiring to be a political journalist. She is usually glued to a good book and watching political debates.

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