Pray : A Concept

August 9, 2017

“ Pray for me, please.”




I have always believed in the concept of prayer. It is believing that there is still hope, a glimpse of light that will follow no matter how bad things get. It makes me believe that although it doesn’t end well now, it will have a better beginning and the best ending later on. It is simple for all religions, mine is as easy as putting my palms close to each other and pouring my heart’s content.




The best feeling of all time is to have someone that keeps you in their prayers. Distance won’t stop a prayer from reaching the person that is prayed for. It makes you connected with each other despite not seeing each other. It might be your mother, your friend, someone special, it is up to you. At times where you no longer have the luxury of technology to wish each other good night, send a prayer before you sleep the day.

It is true, you may have family and friends that might share every burden and obstacle that you had to face in the world, but there are moments where you feel that you have nobody to turn to. You see that your road is blocked and you are trapped in the middle, there is no way to move forward, and there’s no turning back. This is when I highly suggest you to pray. I know that there are some of us that might not believe in religion, and that’s alright, just treat it like you are conveying your thoughts to someone. Believe me, someone is hearing. Someone is rushing to help.


To those of you that are at your wit’s end, I hope that upon reading this post, you now know what to do.




Maleen Balqish is proud to call herself a 17-year old Malaysian-based journalist. Inspired by her friends and family, she aspires to change the world from the comfort of her bedroom, chasing deadlines.

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