Bullet Journaling: Everything You Need to Know

August 15, 2017

Sunday night. We often find ourselves worrying about the week ahead - what we have to get accomplished, what we hadn't gotten accomplished the week before, and wondering how we're going to fit everything we need to do on Monday into just twenty four hours. Sometimes this includes contemplating life, sometimes it includes relaxing, but for me, it always includes creating my weekly pages in my bullet journal to reduce the stress of Sunday night, and look forward to every aspect of the week ahead.


Photo: Hannah Olinger on Unsplash 

Bullet journaling is an incredible way for me to stay organized in a creative, simple, minimalistic format for the days, weeks, and months ahead. A bullet journal is quite literally anything you’d like it to be - from goal setting, to calendars, to meal plans, to to-do lists, to quotes, to moments of gratitude, to notes, to feelings, to many random doodles. Not only is this a great organization tool, but with this comes a routine, a task manager, and a great thing to look back on how you operated, thought, and set goals in past months and years. I find that when creating my own journal, it's much easier to set goals for myself and find small ways every day to work towards them. To get started, all you'll need is any notebook or journal that has pages upon pages of potential inside - then, you're free to do whatever you'd like - below are some helpful, aesthetically pleasing, and simple setups to start organizing your own journal.



Jorgie Ingram is a seventeen-year-old artist, activist, writer, dancer, and choreographer, currently living in New Hampshire. Finishing her high school studies online as a senior, she looks forward to continuing her studies in college, majoring in dance. Jorgie's passion is to inspire - whether that be through her artistry, writing, or everyday interactions. She loves to give back, and aspires to do so throughout her life. Apart from dancing all over New England, choreographing for the stage and film, painting, writing, baking vegan goodies, and spending time outdoors with her family and friends, Jorgie is the founder of local environmental group, Kearsarge Changing Climate Change, and one of the lead organizers for NH for Humanity's performance art events.  



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