How to Be Involved in School

August 18, 2017

With school either having started for some, but starting for many, a new year can be a new change.  For students attending a new school this fall, participating in new clubs and sports can be a chance for you to make new friends and make relationships with teachers that may go a long way. Let’s not forget that they are fun to participate in anyways! Here are a few ways to be more involved at school:


Participate in clubs: Most schools have dozens of clubs, ranging from academics, the arts, community service, and special interest clubs. Join clubs that interest you and meet like minded people who share your interests. This will also be a way to make friends from various age groups. You’ll also get to know your teacher better!


 Photo: Vince Fleming on Unsplash 


Go sporty: For those who are interested in being part of a team, look into sports. There are sports for a wide range of people and and you may be surprised in how much you enjoy the activity.


The sound of music: Many schools have bands or orchestras that musicians can look into joining. If you have experience playing a band instrument (you don’t have to be amazing) look into auditioning to be a part of the band. With regular practices you can improve your skills and become more confident.


Theatre: One of the best ways to participate is going into the drama department. From personal experience, participating in a production is a lot of fun, and a chance where you can express yourself through a different art form.


Run for Office: Be a part of your student council or government, making changes that can benefit your peers while becoming more accustomed to the school and its systems. You will also be working closely with school administration, a good relationship to have in the long run. 


Don’t be afraid to try new things and find that you may surprisingly like them. These opportunities don’t have to be clubs, but can be short service trips, or if your school offers ski trips you could try going to one of them.


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Mana Mehta is a 16-year-old high school student, aspiring to be a political journalist. She is usually glued to a good book and watching political debates.

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