How Writing Can Change The World

August 31, 2017

Photo: Aaron Burden on Unsplash  


I've always had a passion for writing. Thank you, Seri, for choosing me to write for your magazine. I have many articles around the internet and to be honest, I don’t know how many people read them, and whether they learned a new skill, thought, or gained a new perspective, while reading my work. I know there are silent readers and I hope that my articles have helped someone, and given them the push they needed to get through. The universe is so vast, and we all come from different countries, different walks of life but  writing connects us all. It brings people together, and I experienced this closely, while doing this summer internship. Youth are fighting for what they believe in, and through their writing, we can feel their heart bleeding, their motivation and enthusiasm and how certain issues like global warming are affecting them. That’s what makes it so real, and which is why writing is a tool for change.


These days our smart phones screens are filled with social media icons, and trying to affect change in the world is possible . Of course, you don’t need to be a full time writer; writing long posts like I’m doing right now, just to pass along one idea, but you can surely tweet/ caption a post aimed at global change, and the message you want to say out loud, will spread through retweets/reposts.


It is of no doubt that writing can raise awareness, it has the power to transform our lives and channel our energy into something productive that will help change the world.  And if your article/post reaches one person, and this change his/her life, it is enough, so don’t lose hope; be brave and write about issues that you care about, issues that do not get enough media attention. Be bold with your pen, and let it change the world. Your pen is no less than a wand, and it can do wonders.


Seeing youth using writing as a means to fix the world is inspiring, and thanks to Isa, Evie, Meagan, Maggie, Sara, Amanda, Jorgie, Mana, Neha, Zoya, Sadiyah, Suzi, Kelly, Victoria, Lucia, Leslie, Dominique, Baylie and everyone for their posts which moved me in so many ways. And don't forget Seri!

With love, and light,


Yeshna Dindoyal is a 19-year-old Youth Representative, UNICEF Voices of Youth blogger and a UNICEF climate digital Mapper. She is an advocate for gender equality, climate change, mental health, bullying, education and works to empower youth.She wants to make the world a better place, and leave a mark. She is currently a law student and one fun fact about her is that she is a big Harry Potter fan. She is a work in progress.

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