Fight For Our Future

September 2, 2017

If you watch the news for five minutes or go to practically any news website, you are pretty much guaranteed to find out about something bad that is happening in the world. Every day, through the Internet, conversation, and social media, we are forced to confront a plethora of difficult and even depressing truths. In such a world, it can be difficult to maintain a positive attitude, even though a positive attitude is precisely what we need if we want to fix all of the problems that we see around us.


Photo: Drew Beamer on Unsplash  


One thing that I think is very important is finding people who want to fight the same battles as you do. The idea of facing such large issues including climate change and racism alone is incredibly daunting, and in this position you are unlikely to either cause much change or feel motivated to continue working. We can do more together than we can alone, and whether you want to save an endangered species or fight injustice, you are always better off working with people who are just as dedicated to your fight as you are. We should never feel that we must bear the responsibility alone. Often, the relationships that we form with people who share our values and dreams are the ones that are the most meaningful and rewarding. I think that it is by creating as many of these as possible that we are able make a difference while feeling happy with ourselves.



Another thing that is key to keep in mind is that there will always be people who seem to be fighting for the opposite of what we want and who are always in our way. In order to successfully fight the problems of the day, we need to face the complete reality, whatever that may be. Ignoring unpleasant parts of that reality only makes it more difficult for us to realize our goals. With this in mind, we also need to be able to accept that not everybody is on our side, while not letting that ruin our morale or compromise our commitment. We need to dedicate ourselves to what we believe and hold onto that. Having people around us who do align themselves with us makes this part easier.


Lastly, it is absolutely critical to remember that effecting change in the world is never easy. It always seems easier to stick with the status quo and reject any new ideas. If we want to realize our dreams, we have to look past this. We have to believe enough in our cause that the difficulty of its realization does not hinder us; only its importance to the greater good of all is what matters.


The next time you read a tragic headline or hear about something negative, try not to interpret it as a reason not to act because bad things seem to happen regardless of our actions. Instead, we ought to try and interpret it as a call for help from a nation, a person, an animal, or even the planet. I believe that it is our responsibility to listen to these calls for help and do what we can to improve the situation. The future of the human race and of all living things is undoubtedly something worth fighting for. It is through companionship, friendship, and empathy that we will be able to enact the change that we see in our imaginations. No matter what, I want all of us to remember never to stop fighting. Fight for respect. Fight for unity. Fight for love.


Fight for our future.



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