The Sophomore Year Struggle

September 5, 2017

I began my sophomore year of college last week and, to say the least, it has been quite stressful. From a full course load, to clubs and organizations, volunteering, and work, it is hard to stay motivated and keep up with all that is going on.


Photo: Tim Gouw on Unsplash 


Freshman year of college was stressful in different ways. It was intimidating to find my way around campus, live in a new city, make new friends, and handle a demanding schedule. However, now going into sophomore year, all of the stressors are different. Now, since I have established who I am as a student and leader on campus, I have a great group of friends, and I have learned my way around a new city, I took the next natural step in my college career: major–related courses, a job and internship, and more campus involvement.


While all of this can be incredibly overwhelming, there are three rules I follow in my own life to make sure my sophomore year struggles run as smoothly as possible.


Surround Yourself with a Good Group of Friends

I have been incredibly fortunate to have found a close group of great friends during my freshman year of college. Finding friends who are supportive, encouraging, and want the best for you and your future are people that I suggest you surround yourself with. There will be days that you feel like there is no hope to accomplish everything you want to, and that is when you will need those close friends the most.


Planners, Planners, Planners

My planners are my Holy Bible. Every Sunday morning, I sit down and fill out each of my planners. I divide my life into three planners: one for only homework assignments, one for only meetings and events, and one that includes to-do-list items, as well as a complete daily schedule of what I have to do, where I have to be, and when I have to be there. Although this may take some time to write or type out every week, it makes my life so much easier and less stressful.


Always Keep Your Goals & Dreams in Mind

Although it is still early in your college career, you want to set yourself up for the best possible future. While graduation seems so far away, it will go by fast. Keeping your goals and dreams in mind will motivate you to continue working hard now, so that when you graduate, you will have the tools, skills, and motivation needed to make those goals and dreams a reality.


Sophomore year can be a difficult transition, and it requires a lot of growing up and becoming more independent. Although it may seem like a struggle now, keeping yourself surrounded with good friends, planning effectively and being responsible, and staying focused on your dreams will help you succeed during this hectic year.


Nina Kesic is nineteen years old and a sophomore at Mount Mary University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is majoring in fashion merchandise management with minors in business administration and journalism. A fun fact about Nina is that she has been playing the piano for thirteen years. 


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