3 Ways to Stay Organized

September 6, 2017

They say organization is key. If you thought school made you an organized person, just wait and see when you’re in university. Of course, there’s no need to be king or queen of organization but when the time comes you’ll see how important it is to be organized in college. It’s only a matter of time until you realize how much you need a notebook or a journal to jot down critical dates of your semester.

Organization is a controversial topic: some think it’s not fundamental and others consider it a life or death matter. But there are many alternatives when it comes to organisation. Nowadays, the most popular ones are:


Photo: Hannah Olinger on Unsplash 

Bullet Journal: From a few years back, bullet journals are the most famous alternative. A bullet journal is a blank notebook that can be decorated and filled in with drawings and different patterns. It’s like a scrapbook journal also remarkable for its designs and the colors that are used. If scrapbooking is not your cup of tea, you can also download pictures and decorations from the internet and stick them on your journal. If you’re interested in this technique, don’t forget to check the Bullet Journal website.

Calendar spread sheets: This is another method of organization that has started to pick up because of its popularity around Tumblr and also because brands like Mr. Wonderful have made a business out of it. Now we’re talking about a single sheet which you can decorate with drawings, different styles of calligraphy and also stickers!

Classic journal or daily planner: A common alternative among college students. However, planners have become another popular system of organisation. These are journals without scheduling, days and months, that students tend to use for better organisation. It gives lots of space to write and also has a ‘to-do" list section’ on every page. The most popular and best ones, from my own experience, are planners by Urban Outfitters or Ohh Deer.


 I’m Gara, a nineteen-year-old journalist in the making and a blogger wanna be.  

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