Daughters of Destiny

September 6, 2017

In late July, Netflix released a four-part documentary called ‘Daughters of Destiny.’ The series follows the lives of several girls that attend a residential school in India called Shanti Bhavan. The children selected to attend this school are from families of low income, and they are often a part of the Dalit caste, which used to be known as the “untouchables”.


Photo: Julian Yu on Unsplash 


The documentary explores the idea of destiny; there is a phrase a young woman, Haneli Barediddu, brings up which translates to “what is written on the forehead.” Throughout the entire series, you see the students navigate between their lives at home and their lives at school. They have surpassed the limitations that their birth has given them, yet they live a more complicated life than most of us. 


At Shanti Bhavan, the children receive an education that encourages them to be leaders in society, and to end discrimination around the world. Due to their situation, it is easy to see how their perspective could be more helpful.


Shanti Bhavan also supports the children when they go to college. As students, they have the same questions we do, such as “Am I in the right major?” or “What type of career do I want to have?” However, they also have to wonder about how to end the poverty cycle in their family while making the world a better place. They seem aware of their unique situation, but are also hopeful about the future.


Shanti Bhavan is giving children the opportunities that all children should be able to have. As we look around the world, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and discouraged by the large number of problems we face. However, ‘Daughters of Destiny’ shows us what can happen if we are bold and persistent in our pursuit of world change. One man’s decision to open a school proved to transform the lives of a countless number of people. We might not all open schools, but there are small things we can do to help others. You can volunteer in your spare time, or donate what you can to your favorite charity. 


The next time you’re looking for something new to watch on Netflix, make sure you consider ‘Daughters of Destiny.’ It will give you inspiration, and renew your faith in the world.


Olivia Pandora Stokes is 21 and entering her senior year as a business administration major, with a marketing concentration. She has a love of words, Netflix, and reading.She takes her coffee strong (Harvard scientists insist it's healthy for you) and her feminism intersectional. In the future Olivia Pandora plans write more and use business to create a positive impact in the world.

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