Perks of Sitting Up Front in Class

September 7, 2017

There are many factors that determine how well you do in a class. One of the easiest ways to improve your chances of succeeding is sitting as close to the front of the classroom as you can. If sitting in the very front row is going to stress you out more than help you, sit as close as you feel comfortable with.


Photo: The Climate Reality Project on Unsplash 


Sitting in the front of the classroom allows a student to be more engaged. You will make more eye contact with the professor and may even be called on more. Answering questions in front of the class can be intimidating but it is a great way to learn. Even if you get the question wrong it’s nothing to be ashamed of; most people in class probably didn’t know the answer either. Speaking up in front of a large group of people is also a great life skill to learn.


If a professor notices you sitting in the front of the class, you will stand out among your peers. Sitting up front shows you care; use this to your advantage. If you arrive to class a couple minutes early sit up front and ask your professor how they’re doing. These simple steps will help your professor remember you. This relationship could come in handy if your grade is on the edge or if you forget to turn in an assignment.


Classes are around an hour to an hour and a half long. In the big scheme of things this is not that long to stay focused on something that will help build our future. If you spend this time with your mind wandering, the class will seem twice as long. Sitting in the back of the room makes it easy to get distracted and hide from the professor. If laptops are allowed in class it’s very easy to start surfing the Internet and completely lose focus. If you are in the front of the room it tends to be easier to stay focused on the material you are learning.


There’s a good chance you will even be able to cut down on your outside study time if you pay attention in class. If jumping right to the front row seems intimidating to you, take it step by step. Start moving up a couple of rows every week and see how easy it is to be more successful!


My name is Lauren Peavy and I am 20 years old. I am a junior at Florida State University and I'm studying Retail Merchandising and Product Development with a minor in Business. I hope to be in the retail industry one day and hopefully I will be able to tie in my love for writing! I love the beach, iced coffee, fresh flowers, and spending time with friends and family!

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