A Matter of Luck

September 8, 2017

To be honest, I’m not one to believe in destiny. Of course, things happen for a reason but destiny is definitely not the motive of it. There are plenty of places to go and do a bit of shopping in Barcelona but Las Ramblas has been and will always be one of my favorite spots around the city. The vibe, the people and the grand variety of stores make them the perfect place for an evening out.


 Photo: Amy Reed on Unsplash 


Thousands and thousands of people carry out this plan and spend a few hours around Plaza Cataluña. In fact, I’ve done it numerous times. Except that on August 17th, I didn’t. None of my family members did. We were a portion of the lucky ones that weren’t around the area. However, we still were in Barcelona. And it was mad. It felt surreal to me for different reasons. I grew up in Tenerife (Spain). The love I feel for Barcelona above other cities is surreal and to see such a beautiful place in pain is unbelievable. Lastly, my family and I were actually planning on taking a stroll around Las Ramblas to do a bit of shopping that afternoon.


This terrorist attack, as others (I’m sure), has been full of controversy. Mainly, it’s all because of the precaution matters, the security level and the famous message of a possible terrorist attack on the early days. What I know and believe is that I live in a country where victims are rapidly recognized, taken care of, and offered psychological aid. Where authorities instantly met up and explained the unforgettable events and where also, with all the experience we have with terrorism (unfortunately), knows what to do and how to stay safe. I think during these sad times, political beliefs have to be left behind.


Life still goes on and so does life in Barcelona and Cambrilles. However, some things have obviously changed. There’s a different vibe. A feeling of unity and bravery. Barcelona and the rest of Spain is not scared. I’m still not sure how to feel about destiny. What I know is that nothing happened to my family but it did to others. It was all a matter of luck.


 I’m Gara, a nineteen-year-old journalist in the making and a blogger wanna be.  

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