Conscious Consumption: How Passion Planner is Making it Easier for you to be More Eco-Friendly

September 8, 2017

Recently a planner company, Passion Planner, launched a Kickstarter called ‘Passion Planner Eco: Growing Together.’ CEO Angelia Trinidad says the purpose behind the Kickstarter is to introduce customers, also know as members of the #pashfam, to a new design that comes with the commitment of planting a tree for every planner sold. To fulfill their promise, Passion Planner is working with One Tree Planted, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the reforestation of our planet. Their new planner also produces less waste, as it is 100% recycled with a vegan faux leather reusable sleeve. Currently, they have $453,210 pledged with 11,258 backers, and the Kickstarter ends September 30, 2017.



Passion Planner is run by 26 year old CEO Angelia Trinidad. She started the business after she graduated, when she saw a need to have a place to organize her thoughts and dreams. The business plan of Passion Planner seems to be reflective of how millennial CEO’s will operate their companies now and in the future. Trinidad has used recycled paper since the company’s start. She and her team have identified the importance of environmentally friendly products for millennials, as well as other age groups. CNBC cited Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, former chairman and CEO of the Nestlé Group, saying that “if you look at the millennials, they are the first generation now who are willing consciously to spend more for better quality, for sustainability, for traceability. I think there is a change." According to Nielsen, 66% of 30,000-plus respondents said they would willingly spend more money for sustainable goods. "People, especially millennials, are looking for environmentally friendly products, and many view it as an added value to the final price.”



Passion Planner is not the only company that has made a commitment to improving the environment. According to Fortune Magazine, Nike is now using recycled materials for 71% of footwear and apparel products. Fortune also notes companies like GE and Tesla for utilizing sustainable energy.


The future of business will include companies that are environmentally conscious. We’re already starting to see these numbers increase, and customers are positively responding to these changes. Shopping for your favorite products shouldn’t cause harm to the world, and companies like Passion Planner are proving that it’s possible.


Olivia Pandora Stokes is 21 and entering her senior year as a business administration major, with a marketing concentration. She has a love of words, Netflix, and reading.She takes her coffee strong (Harvard scientists insist it's healthy for you) and her feminism intersectional. In the future Olivia Pandora plans write more and use business to create a positive impact in the world.

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