Social Media Etiquette

September 9, 2017

One thing that defines a millennial is being an avid social media user. Well I’m not entirely sure that’s in the definition, but millennials are associated with social media.


That’s why it’s crazy to think of these young people as social media etiquette illiterate. Let's talk about these unspoken (but implied) rules.


Photo: Rami Al-zayat on Unsplash 


Think before you post

Speaking as someone who is very impulsive, posting something is sometimes too easy. Stay away from topics like rants about work/school. I think we've all heard about situations where a boss read what an employee posted on Facebook or Twitter then fired them the next day. 



No matter what platform you are on, there’s always a person who is sharing their plain jane breakfast or their constant selfies. Please don’t be that person. We get that it’s fun to share, but an update every 5 minutes is a little too much.


Immature and offensive

Again, think before you post: is what I’m about to say offensive to anyone (because they’ll see it)? Do I sound like a hormonal preteen (sorry if you are one, but when you’re 21 and acting like that it’s kinda annoying).


Emotional dump

Who else has posted some cheesy, page-long, status/tweet about someone/something? Guilty. While expressing yourself is more than okay, ‘emotional dumping’ is annoying to your followers/friends and not what an employer wants to see. Plus it looks like you’re just asking for likes and comments. Attention seeking 101.


Put yourself in others shoes

Yeah, you and your friends had a WILD time at that party last weekend, but most of the pictures you have are a bit distasteful. Posting on social media doesn’t just impact you, that picture might ruin your friends reputation also.


Treat others how you want to be treated

Just because you’re ‘hidden’ from the recipient doesn’t mean you have an excuse to act like a jerk. You want nice words, more friends/followers and loving actions? Then act like it! Don’t leave nasty and rude comments if you don’t want them in return.


I’m Alix Maza, a 24-year-old writer and blogger. I’m also a college student at West Texas A&M University majoring in PR/advertising and possibly minoring in marketing. I’m also an avid reader, coffee addict, and dog lover.  

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