How to Get Involved Freshman Year

September 16, 2017

Being a freshman in college can be scary, especially if you hardly know anyone. Typically, your first year of college should be the year to explore activities and get to know yourself.


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One way to Step Up in a new school is to get involved. It’s important that freshman get involved during their first year of college because it typically helps them to get to know themselves, figure out what they want to do with their lives, make new friends, and get experience.


A lot of times, people will tell you that you need experience before you can get a full time job. Getting involved during your first year in college will greatly benefit you in the long run. It’ll show that you’ve had years of experience.


For starters, you can start by joining the school’s newspaper. Joining the school’s newspaper is very beneficial, and it’s a good way to Step Up around campus. You are given the opportunity to use your voice to discuss current events around the world. For example, with everything going on with hurricanes Harvey and Irma, you can write an article about ways to help the victims of these hurricanes. You’re using your voice to spread awareness, and you are getting great writing experience at the same time.


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Another way to get involved is to join your school’s student life committee. Every school has a student life club, government, or committee where students focus on making sure that everyone has a fun and safe experience in college. This is a great way to get involved in your school. You can use this opportunity as a way to set up rallies, workshops, or events to encourage people to get involved and educated. For example, you can join student life to set up workshops on how to create a resume, rallies where people can come together and stand up for equality, or events where people can learn about mental health. Joining student life would be quite beneficial to you because you’d be able to use your position to help your school’s community while gaining experience on what it’s like to get involved in the government. It is a great way to Step Up around your school’s community, as you are using your voice to get people together, especially during tragedies like Hurricane Irma and the shooting at Spokane.


Finally, you will get told that having community service or volunteer experience is important. Why not help around the community and volunteer? There are so many ways to volunteer and gain community service experience around your campus, and even off campus as well. You can start by donating old clothes or canned food to organizations that are trying to help others who are less fortunate. You can volunteer to serve food for the homeless or go around the surrounding communities around your school to drop off food for the homeless. Getting involved in community service as early as your first year of college will help you gain human service experience while also giving back to your community.


Of course, none of this is mandatory, but it is highly recommended that you get involved in your school. Why not get involved by giving back? Giving back and using your voice will help you gain the experience you need for a full time job in the future.

My name is Linda Tran. I'm 24 years old from Boston and I'm majoring in Marketing with a concentration in Social Media at the Southern New Hampshire University. A fun fact about me is that I learned coding and HTML at the age of 11.

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