Step Up Your Instagram Game

September 18, 2017

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, and it is the most popular social media application for millennials. Since Instagram is so popular, how does one stand out on Instagram? And, to dig a little deeper, how can I use Instagram to promote my cause or business?


Photo: lalo Hernandez on Unsplash 


Instagram can be broken down into the “three C’s”- context, content, and caption.



Context usually refers to the time the Instagram post occurs. The time when most people are on their phones (which is the time a person is most likely to get more “likes”) is early in the morning, during lunchtime, or late at night. So, posting a graphic asking for canned food donations at 2:30 in the morning is probably not the best idea if you want to have a lot of people seeing it. So, always be aware of your context while posting.



The content is what the Instagram post is. Think about it. Let’s say you own a small boutique. Are people more likely to like a blurry picture of a shirt taken on an iPhone, unedited and just slapped onto an Instagram post? Or are people more likely to like an edited picture of a shirt taken on a high-resolution camera and shows evidence that time was put into making a pretty Instagram post? Well it’s common sense; people are more likely to like the nicer picture. So, put a little effort into taking a picture to post. Edit out the red eyes in a picture, clean up the acne, adjust the lighting so the picture looks clearer, and do whatever you have to do to make the image look the best on Instagram. This will make potential customers “like” (literally) your products more.



If Instagram posts were a cake, then the caption would be the icing. Make captions original- not song lyrics, quotes, or captions that are clearly overused by the people you follow. If coming up with a caption is hard for you, download “CapGenius,” and it literally makes categories for you. A clever caption could make a potential customer buy a shirt you were advertising, or maybe if you run a charitable organization, then having a clever caption could bring in some more donations. You never know unless you step up and try.


Instagram may seem intimidating or nerve-wracking. However, these tips will help step up your Instagram game and increase the number of “likes” you receive on Instagram posts.


Julia Harrelson is a twenty-one-year-old at Mississippi State University, double-majoring in business administration and fashion merchandising, with a minor in marketing. When she's not studying, she is still studying. She is interested in business, lifestyle, and learning any and all things in the fashion industry. Julia hopes to be a merchandise buyer when she graduates. 

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