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September 27, 2017

We are extremely excited to kick off our monthly Products We Love segment here at Step Up! Every month we will be compiling a list of our favorite products. Every item you see here was handpicked by our team. 



Summer might be nearing an end, but that doesn't mean your skin doesn't still need protecting. Here at Step Up, we LOVE Sun Bum for its natural and clean ingredients. We are also avid about using cruelty free products, and Sun Bum fits the bill. 


Let's take a look at some of our favorite products...

So, everybody washes their hair (at least we hope) and our team has become obsessed with Sun Bum's shampoo and conditioner. Sun Bum's special formula is perfect for cleansing out saltwater and chlorine. Ingredients include coconut oil, banana pulp, and peel. How awesome is that?! If that doesn't sell you, the products are also paraben, cruelty, and silicone free. Meets our criteria! 


Sticking with hair care for the moment, we also want to mention Sun Bum's Hair Lightener and Conditioning Masque. Okay, so here's the deal. We wish that it was possible to smell through a computer screen because these products couldn't smell any better. The masque has a scent of what we can best be described as tropical paradise-- it's that good! This product is enriched with coconut oil, banana leaf, banana peel, quinoa protein and sunflower seed oil. We have to restrain ourselves from eating it! And if that isn't enough-- the masque truly gets the job done. Your hair will thank you! The hair lightener is also a favorite of ours. This unique formula will lighten and tone your hair to perfection. It's amazing. 


Now let's get to the sunscreen! Sun Bum offers an extensive selection of high quality sun care products. Not only will you be protecting your skin, but you'll smell amazing at the same time. Have we mentioned how obsessed we are with the amazing smell of these products?? The sunscreens come in gluten free and vegan options. There's a product for everyone!

Our next round of favorites comes from a company that is currently celebrating 75 years! Georgette Klinger offers an array of skin nourishing products that we just adore. 



We love Georgette Klinger for many reasons. This company prides themselves in nurturing our skin with all things natural, such as: fruits, vitamins, flowers, essential oils, and herbs. We always feel so clean and healthy after using our Georgette Klinger products. 



The Collagen & Elastin Mask is truly transformative. It's like magic in the form of a mask. A few more perks: made in the USA, cruel free, paragon free, dye free and fragrance free! We only feature the best on Step Up, and this product certainly brings you the best. The Phytic Exfoliating Mask is the perfect mask for refreshing your complexion. We felt like we were glowing after using this mask. 



With countless options of cleansers on the market, we keep returning to the Aragon Oil and Green Tea Cream cleansers from Georgette Klinger. Both do wonders for your complexion and will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth! They are both huge winners in our book. 

 Another skincare brand that we love is Blissoma. Blissoma is a holistic and apothecary skincare brand. These products are perfect for sensitive and aging skin. A few other perks are that the products are cruelty free, sources from organic farms, biodegradable, and naturally preserved. 



The Rejuvenating Herbal Gel Cleanser and Makeup Remover is one of our favorites. This is perfect for sensitive and oily skin types. The ingredients are 100% natural. You can feel good about putting this on your face.  



The Good Earth Exfoliant Powder is another favorite of ours. This is ideal for all skin types and truly gets the job done! It will truly do wonders for your face. 


Let's move on from talking about skin to talking about our teeth-- because both are equally important! We don't know about you, but we are very particular about our toothpaste. For a product that we put in our mouths at least twice a day, we want to know that our toothpaste is GOOD for us. Enter Hello Products. 



Hello Products cares about what you're putting in your body, and only uses ingredients that are good for you in their toothpastes. So, what does this mean? Hello Products uses ingredients such as: purified water, sustainably sourced oils, coconut and palm oils, aloe, stevia, among countless other natural ingredients. All products are vegan and none are tested on animals. What a win! Another reason we love Hello Products here at Step Up, is that their team is composed of a passionate group of entrepreneurs, creators, designers, and doers! Sounds a lot like our Step Up community. 


So now that we have amazing oral care, we feel that we can indulge ourselves a little with a delicious treat! Mali Marshmallow Confections is the perfect little pick me up for when you're feeling the need for a sweet. Every Marshmallow is made with joy AND natural ingredients! The flavors are incredibly unique, and the flavors are out of this world. 



Are you drooling yet? Flavors range from Vanilla Salted Caramel to Spiked Espresso. The products featured above are their marshmallow s'mores! Yes, you heard us correctly. The marshmallow is sandwiched in between two shortbread cookies. I mean.... who can't resist! 


Other flavors include Fluffy Nutter, Cotton Candy, and Berry Tropical. The fluffiness is unreal! And guess what else-- these delicious treats are gluten free. 


We also want to suggest an amazing subscription box for all of you health nuts out there! Urthbox is a month subscription box of healthy snacks. How awesome is that? A box full of organic and natural products right at your door step. Sign us up! 



Pictured above was Urthbox's August box. All products are full sized healthy products! Not only do you get some fantastic snacks, but you also get beverages. This is such a great way of discovering new brands that you might not have known about before. A few products that you could expect to see are healthy cookies, trail mixes, sweets, chocolates, chips, dried meats, nuts, and so much more!



Kale chips are all the rave, and Rhythm Foods has so many delicious options! We absolutely love the taste, and all the health benefits of kale. Our go-to flavors are the Original and Kool Ranch. Every bite is delicious, nutritional and totally guilt free! 



The roasted kale is another favorite of ours. We love the roasted garlic and sea salt. Another reason we love Rhythm Superfoods is because they are a company that steps up! Rhythm Superfoods helps organizations that support healthy eating.


We're going to change gears a little and talk about organization. One of the many things that our Step Up community shares is that we are all BUSY-- you know, trying to change the world... no big deal. The first step to being productive is being organized! Not only does May Designs help us stay on top of everything, but their design options also allows us to utilize our creativity. The process is incredibly simple. Pick a product, pick a design, customize it. Simple and fun!  



 Our planner starts off with a full yearly calendar. 


 Every month includes a very spacious calendar with a place for notes! 




Click here to design your very own!


Next up we have a watch brand all the way from Sweden! How cool is that? BOOM Watches offers beautiful watches for both men and women. What makes this brand so special is that you get to design and customize your own watch! You truly have the freedom to create a watch that will be a perfect fit for you- literally and figuratively. Design your very own watch by clicking here

To wrap up this article, we are excited to introduce you to The System By Stacy Berman. The System does a great job with making health and weight loss easy. This is a line of organic whey protein powders. The on- the-go bottles are perfect for any person who lives a busy lifestyle. We are all about convenience! The flavor options are also great. 


The shakes are made with natural, non-GMO, gluten free, and soy free ingredients! Everybody wants to look and feel their best- and The System can really help.


And that completes our list for this month. Let us know in the comments below if you love any of these products as much as we do. 


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