Revolt in Stilettos

October 7, 2017

Life seems especially dark these days. That Saturday Night Live Weekend Update skit of Tina Fey “sheet-caking,” feels more and more relevant every day. I mean, who doesn’t want to cry into a cake right about now? But hold your just deserts… at least long enough to fit into the hot new Chanel rainy-weather-ready-mini. Some may say that frivolity should be completely thrown out, but can we take a look back at last month and how playfulness must prevail?


 Photo: Alexander Kovacs on Unsplash


September is my favorite month, and back-to-school is not the reason, but rather that glossy, all-important Vogue and W magazine. During September, fashion is a month long event where daring outfits and sky-high heels are worn along cobblestone streets to see what spectacular pieces of art will inspire the style in one year. By now, we’ve all seen the “dio(r)evolution” shirts and all the hilarious political graphics dedicated to the not-so-funny, frightening current administration. One thing is clear: fashion stays, as my cool younger cousin would say, “woke.”


It’s easy to feel guilty when reaching towards the product of Anna Wintour instead of reading the news, but the product of Anna Wintour will bolster the soul in a time when spirits need to be uplifted, while reading the news will only leave most people with a feeling of helplessness. The realm of escapism, once governed by the fashion industry, has certainly turned into one of the most enjoyable forms of activism. We all have moments when we need to escape, but cannot afford to do so. This shattered state of the human condition requires a constant compassionate hand, so when the news gets to be too much (which it often does), don’t just turn yourself off; switch gears and delve into something that inspires a deep trust in humanity: art.


Keri Watters is a twenty-year-old junior at Concord University majoring in pre-professional Biology. Before medical school, she aspires to join the Peace Corps or further her education with a masters degree. Keri is a passionate volunteer worker and vegetarian who hopes to inspire change through a multitude of mediums. She hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and spends her free time shopping, drinking coffee, and watching old movies.

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