Five Things To Do To Help The World When You're Bored

October 9, 2017

Thanks to Facebook memories, I just saw that I posted a status saying ‘is boreddd call and text itttt!’ Apart from my cringeworthy grammar, spelling and punctuation, I immediately thought of a few beneficial things that I could’ve done instead of solicit attention.


Here are five things to do when you’re bored.


Photo: ray sangga kusuma on Unsplash  



1 Go to a shelter, a center, a food bank and ask what they need help with.

They will never let you down and will always have a task to occupy you.


2 Help a neighbor!

Don’t feel like volunteering? You can still help someone! You never know what someone is going through. A neighbor might need help trimming a tree or maybe they just need some companionship.


3 Play with kids!

I’m an only child, so when my older cousins came over I was very excited. Be that older cousin to younger generations. Whether you want it or not, you are partly responsible for the image that child sees.


4 Read!

Reading not only improves your own mind-it improves the world around you. It doesn’t have to be a book- an important article, a great op-ed piece, even a photo-journal. It may change the way you see/interact with the world.


5 Spend your time on you!

You want to put your best foot forward and the best way to do that is to know yourself. I’ve probably said this so many times now, but focus on what you truly want, set goals, and know what you want.


I’m Alix Maza, a 24-year-old writer and blogger. I’m also a college student at West Texas A&M University majoring in PR/advertising and possibly minoring in marketing. I’m also an avid reader, coffee addict, and dog lover. 


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