California Engulfed in Wildfire

October 13, 2017

California is currently being ravaged by wildfires that have killed at least 21 people, and have torched thousands of acres. High populated neighborhoods have been severely affected and destroyed. These fires continue to rage on, and they have led to California declaring a state of emergency. Thousands of people have fled their homes; some left with absolutely nothing. These wildfires have also taken out multiple cell phone towers, making it difficult to get in touch with friends or family.


Photo: Anna Popović on Unsplash 


Many people had to leave all, or most, of their belongings behind in their hurry to escape the enclosing flames. Emergency forces are working to control the fire and help to save the lives those who have been affected. There have also been forces working to save animals that have been left behind, as well as other forces that have been assisting people in getting their animals to safety. Facebook is also being used to help these people in need.


President Trump approved federal emergency assistance for this terrible disaster. This assistance provides immediate funds for evacuation centers and debris clearing supplies- these are just a couple of examples of the assistance that is being offered.

According to The Washington Post, “the National Weather Service expects ‘red-flag’ conditions — including wind gusts up to 40 mph — to remain until Thursday in the North Bay Area, which includes Sonoma and Napa counties.”


My name is Jordan Raes and I am 21 years old. I am attending Central Michigan University and I am majoring Journalism. 

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