Weathering the Storm

October 20, 2017

“Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice”…but what about rain? According to the news, we’re seeing unprecedented amounts of rainfall, and the typically romantic ambiance of a stormy sky has turned into a formidable destructive force. While I love a good thunderstorm, the thousands of people affected by the flooding beg for a better understanding of the situation and how to help. So, why is it raining, and how can we slow the storm?



Photo: Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


Climate change a frightening issue that has only been becoming more and more severe on Earth. As the global temperature is increasing and with higher heat, the air is able to hold larger amounts of water. Not only is there more water in the air, but an anomaly in atmosphere makes disaster mode that much easier to reach. Typically, the change in seasons help to regulate storm patterns, but with global warming, those conventions aren’t occurring, and precipitation strikes all year long. Flash flooding is expected to become even more intense, and sea levels are much higher than they’ve been in previous years.


What’s to be done?


Well, there are the usual and important, often overlooked, precautionary measures. Gutters need to be maintained, as well as yard conditions in the chance of flooding. Yard waste can pile up and block gutters, increasing water accumulation. Private and public drainage systems should be monitored in order to protect everyone from the damages of flooding. Now, in order to help fight the bigger problem of climate change, which is causing the dangerous effects of the storms, we all need to become more eco-friendly. These are the usual tips that often aren’t abided by. Unplug electronics when not in use, stick with reusable and renewable sources whenever possible, find ways to drive less, and stick up for eco-entrepreneurs. Overall, the most important job we have right now is to fight the storm of heartless politicians who refuse to commit to policies that will protect future generations and also save lives now. Calling, writing letters, speaking out on social media (which may be the only way to get a response), and showing up to help the families affected are all actions that are tremendously important right now, and need to be taken. Donate money to Puerto Rico, whose citizens have recently experienced a mass tragedy from flooding, as well as a lack of help from the government. Let’s unite for Puerto Rico.


Keri Watters is a twenty-year-old junior at Concord University majoring in pre-professional Biology. Before medical school, she aspires to join the Peace Corps or further her education with a masters degree. Keri is a passionate volunteer worker and vegetarian who hopes to inspire change through a multitude of mediums. She hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and spends her free time shopping, drinking coffee, and watching old movies.


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