Reaching Your Goals

November 11, 2017

Everybody should come up with goals, whether they are small goals or big lifetime goals. Everyone should want to work towards something that will make them happy and feel accomplished. For me, I make weekly goals depending on the amount of work I have to do that week. On Sunday afternoon, I sit down, plan out my week, and then create goals for when I want to have certain assignments done by. Even though setting those weekly goals aren’t a huge deal, they make my life so much easier.



Photo: S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash


One big tip I have for setting goals is to make sure that your goals are motivating, because you won’t want to work towards a goal if it doesn’t motivate you. Each goal must contribute something different to your life and you need to be able prioritize these goals. If you realize that you just aren’t finding the purpose of a goal, then change that goal to something more motivational. Motivation is the driving force when it comes to achieving your goals, and if you’re not motivated, there is a great chance that you won’t accomplish your goal.


Another tip is to write your goals down, carefully planning out each individual goal. If it’s a long term goal, then set smaller milestone goals that you will achieve before you reach the big one. This will reduce a lot of the pressure, making it a lot easier to succeed in your goal. If you want to make weekly goals, then you should do what I do. Sit down every Sunday afternoon and plan out your weekly goals. Set little goals for yourself throughout the week, and I can guarantee that you will finish the week feeling more productive than ever before. Also, there are so many fun ways to write down your goals. If you’re into journaling, you can buy productivity journals that will definitely give you several goal-setting pages. If you want something a little less structured, you can create a word document on your computer, or you could write some smaller goals in your calendar as a reminder. Additionally, physically writing it down will help you remember it better. I find that I’m more motivated when I see the deadlines or goals on my calendar, as it gives me a nice timeline to plan out the steps that I will take to achieve the goal.


My last tip would be to keep pushing yourself. At the end of the day, achieving even the smallest goal is still one step closer to achieving your bigger goals in life. You’re going to end up feeling more fulfilled when you achieve your goals. I hate feeling as though I don’t have a purpose, or that I’m not doing enough. Setting goals will make you feel more accomplished, and achieving them will give you more inspiration and purpose within your life.


My name is Emma Berry, I'm 20 years old and I am a junior at the College of the Holy Cross. I'm an English major with a concentration in Creative Writing. I also joined the Pre-Business program, as I hope to get a job in the publishing field after I graduate. I basically run on iced coffee and when I have free time I love to just read or watch Netflix (and Game of Thrones). ​



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