Combat Stress During the Holidays

November 30, 2017

I love the holidays, but I tend to wear myself out. When I watch holiday movies, there’s always a character who is running around like a chicken with their head cut off, and that’s exactly how I feel during this time of year. Here is how I combat those feelings.


Photo: Chad Madden on Unsplash  


I light a holiday themed candle and just breathe

Although holiday themed candles just remind people of the season, I also find it soothing. FYI: peppermint clears the sinuses. Also, taking some deep breaths will help with headaches. I also like to take this time to think about the true meaning of Christmas.


Treat yourself

I don’t mean that you should spend a crazy amount of money on an unusual spa treatment, but you should still take a soothing bath with those bath bombs you’ve been eyeing.


Take a break

It doesn’t do your body any good to be hunched over a pile of books, reading and rereading the same paragraph, hoping it’ll finally soak in. Take a break, stretch, eat something, go outside.



Social media can become a necessary evil sometimes. It’s can be extremely handy at times, but during the holidays, it can be depict unrealistic expectations to live up to.



Get a good amount of sleep. 8 hours is ideal. Also, drink water before bed, don’t use any devices, and have the room completely dark. Additionally, and I’ve heard that spritzing your pillow with lavender helps you sleep better.


I’m Alix Maza, a 24-year-old writer and blogger. I’m also a college student at West Texas A&M University majoring in PR/advertising and possibly minoring in marketing. I’m also an avid reader, coffee addict, and dog lover.  

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